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  1. I found out today that my son (7 years) somehow found a way to bypass the controls by going onto the guest mode from home screen. Of course he can't access the guest account via settings but he double clicks the user icon on home page which then expands into three buttons - "Current <user>", "<Guest>" and "Add user". He simply clicks on "Guest" to bypass restrictions on current user account. Previously I had similar issue with two user mode where I set one account for myself and added my son as restricted user. Safe kids was getting all confused and simply didnt work at all. Kaspersky support confirmed that Safe kids won;t work in multi user mode so the only option left for me was to have a single account which I did but it seems there is a workaround for that too. I know guest user can be disabled by rooting the device but I am not too keen going down that route.
  2. I beg to differ Sir (Correct me if I am wrong). PURE 3.0 did have Home Network Control feature which allowed scanning the whole network for threats. Irrespective of whether PURE 3.0 had it or not, why we the end users (mostly not knowledgable about network vulnerabilities) decide whether or not to IGNORE the notifications. Why can't the software tell us: 1. Your network is insecure because......weak router password.. 2. Easy to guess SSID 3. Wireless Network protocol issue..... etc etc. Is it that this notification comes up by default in all networks and it is left with the users to ignore / turn off (at their own risk)? I know (at least thats what I think) only trustworthy people have access to the network but I expect the software to know better (and warn me accordingly if something is amiss).
  3. I have been getting the same notifications since I upgraded (or so I thought) from Pure 3.0 to Total Security. Pure too being capable of providing network security never threw up the vulnerabilities but as soon as I installed Total Security I started getting these notifications. The support article is very generic in nature and is a joke to be honest. Surely the software can tell us EXACTLY what is triggering the notification instead of possible SEVERAL reasons. I have my SSIDS marked as trusted network with WPA2 password (complex). Surely something triggers the notification but the software can't tell us what that is. I contacted support too but received the generic reply.
  4. I have the same problem. I have been using KIS for last 4 years but the startup (K icon appearing in sys tray) was never as long as in 2013 which I installed a month back. In my case, if I try to start the browser (FF) before the K icon appears the browser too takes a long time to load. It only loads after K icon has loaded. Looks like KIS is going the NIS way.....
  5. Hi All, Sorry to jump in like this but I thought its better continuing in this thread instead of opening a new one as I have the same problem. This started happening since last week of week before. I have a fresh install of KIS 2011. GSI report I have Mbam running too but its free edition and doesn't offer real time protection. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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