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  1. ..not working properly.. at least the wizards.. I have KAV business optimal workstation .225 installed on 4 different machines that use access 2003 or access 2002.. after installation, the wizards behaved strangely: they always claimed that the selected table wouldn't have any "fields" and suddenly some dialogues were in English, that should've been german (we use the german version of Access). After deactivating VBA protection everything workedfine again.
  2. Hi there, I've got 3 questions..! I bought Kaspersky Business Optimal Workstation 10 clients for a customer.. 1. Is it possible to use one of the keys for a Linux version of Kaspersky? 2. Is Kaspersky scanning incoming Mails that are recieved via IMAP? 3. Why is KAV constantly increasing the number of found viruses, which are just realvncs files (remote control program), although realvnc is in the list of allowed applications in KAV? Thnx for some info! Regards, Max
  3. Thnx for your help! Strange... since I added all the VNC files to the list of "allowed programs" this phenomena is gone... and no, I haven't installed the urgent patch yet.. thnx for the advice, I'll do so as soon as I get my hands on boss' laptop again
  4. I now deinstalled kav and reinstalled with .200, but kavmm.exe is still producing 99% Load + I/O read and write are increasing constantly.. What can be done?
  5. Thnx for your fast answer!Isn't that update applied using the application's built in update procedure? *wonder* I'll do so of course..
  6. Hi there.. What could be causing this problem? This is all the time.. slowing down this sony-vaio of my boss.. It's a Windows XP sp2 machine with a 2GHZ Pentium4-M CPU on 512MB RAM, running Kaspersky Business Optimal 5. I deinstalled KAV.. will reinstall tomorrow.. maybe that solves the problem.. Thnx for some info anway.. Regards, Max
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