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  1. I am a user of KESB - Total license type. I know that we can block port number is KES11 in Firewall feature. I would like to know how to block port numbers in KSWS application because the Firewall Management feature seems does not have the option to block?

  2. I'm using KSWS 10.1. Where can I find this "Task mode" setting?
  3. Hi, sorry for the delay in update. Problem solved after update to latest KSC 10.5.1781
  4. Hi Guys, How do I connect a slave KSC server on the branch office via internet and not through VPN? I have configured firewall to open port 13000, 14000, 15000 and 13291 in HQ (master KSC server) and port forward to internal ip address of master KSC server. However, still could not link the slave server. What exactly do I need to set in first place?
  5. I see. In that case, we will schedule for an upgrade. Thanks for the advise.
  6. Hi, we have a KSC 10.3.407. I have installed the plug-in for KES11. However, when I created the KES11 policy, it only shows 3 tabs which are: General, event notification and policy profiles. It does not show the other components such as Advanced threat protection, essential threat protection, security control, endpoint sensors, etc.. (see image attached). Please advise.
  7. Hi OBK and everybody, Where do I open System properties > advanced tab > environment variables ? I can't find these option in my KES10. To enable KES traffic dump collection create user variable DumpNetworkTraffic="1". To do so: Open System Properties Switch to Advanced tab Press Environment Variables... button Press New under System variables Set DumpNetworkTraffic for Variable name Set 1 for Variable value Press OK on New User Variable and Environment Variables forms Restart the product or reboot the host
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