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  1. Is Kaspersky KryptoStorage same as Kaspersky Password manager? If not...whats the difference? And if i wanted password protection like the manager does....do i get Kaspersky KryptoStorage for this to?
  2. Best way i guess is to remove the account from within the program. Next time your logon to whatever account it is...click cancel when it pops up.
  3. Your right rudger...i couldnt find it at 1st. I was looking for for a section with Password manager and couldnt find it. Glad its in the right place now. Hope someone leave there insights to my question. Thanks.
  4. WOW...no one on this whole forum uses the PW manager huh?
  5. I know this may be a dumb question but ive always wanted to ask this. I mean....can the Password Manager be trusted???? I mean...when you put ALL you sensitive info in there....i mean...wont the people who work for Kaspersky or the people who made the program see all your passwords and stuff if they wanted to???? I mean..your storing your personal info on some data base. But it always makes me think that there are other people in the world...like the people who work for them...that can see your info. Thats the PW part in all antivirus software i never trusted. I mean..if you reply to this....please try to explain deeply how they really cant see my info if they wanted to. Thanks.
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