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  1. Hello, Recently Kaspersky has started switching off periodically throughout the day (once an hour or so). It's becoming increasingly irritating and concerning. I've attached my GetSystemInfo: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...ee3722c89f654fc Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
  2. Ok, GSI report at: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...27277dae6b3df73
  3. Ok, I'll upgrade in a few weeks then. Just so I know, what do you suggest I should do if I get blue screens in the future? The updates that are being installed (and possibly causing a blue screen) are: KB2362765 - Compatibility view list update. KB2158563 - Time is automatically changed when clocks go forward/back. KB979538 - Prevents unexpected shutdowns and bluescreens when using a USB video device.
  4. I was using 2010. Removed 2010, reinstalled, updated database, and now banner is green. Just performing a full scan to see if anything got in. Is my computer still safe with 2010, or would you recommend an upgrade? Thanks for help.
  5. Hi, Another worry from me, I'm afraid... On Wednesday night, I shut down my laptop, installing updates. The next day, after bringing it out of standby for the first time, I got a BSoD. I did a system restore, and everything was fine. Later that night, I shut down the computer, reinstalling the updates. Today, I got another BSoD, at the same time. I did a system restore (this time in safe mode). Now Kaspersky is telling me that my Blacklist is corrupted. Fix it now does nothing, Update databases does nothing (fails), rollback does nothing. Action center is now telling me to turn on KIS as well. Thanks for help.
  6. In SandboxShared - nothing. In AVP9 - 441mb, under Program Data. Under AVP9 - in bases - Cache, Stat, 3 mcflt.keb files alongside many others. In Data - 29 items, with iswift.dat the largest at 4352kb. In dskm - 48 items at 1kb. kdb-i386-0687g is 89kb. In report - 6 items, largest is g_objdt.dat at 3204kb. No temp files.
  7. Sorry, what other areas? I did think you meant to look in the program files, but edited my post after I realised what you meant.
  8. Traces are disabled. AVP9, SandboxShared. nothing in sandbox, 7 folders in AVp9. Nothing in Temp. (Apologies, misread post). Not .tmp files either. Size of AVP9 is 441mb.
  9. Hi. Apologies if this is in wrong forum, as I have no idea where to put it. Since Saturday (to my knowledge), I have been losing free space from the C Drive at a slow rate. On Saturday, I had 36.2GB free, and over the next few days I lost 0.1GB per day. On Thursday, my free space was 35.4GB free, and it is currently 35.3GB, the lowest I have seen it so far. The space used in C Drive has also increased. A full scan reveals no viruses or threats. I have not been regaining this space, and I have not installed anything since Friday 17th (an update of Flash). My pagefile (under system in Control Panel) is 1967MB. Should I be concerned about this? Is what is happening to my computer normal, and if it isn't, how can I fix it? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for the link. It's quite reassuring to know that others have been experiencing this within the last day, and a fix is coming. I had Windows Firewall turned on while installing Kaspersky, no idea about the Defender.
  11. I have had this computer for a week, and performed a daily update and scan. Today, Action Center is claiming that "Kaspersky Internet Security reports it is turned off". In Kaspersky's main window, I have a green banner, indicating my computer is protected. I have also performed a quick scan to check that it is working. Kaspersky completed the scan with no problem. I also noticed that Windows Defender is on. Should I be worried, and what action should I take to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.
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