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  1. I have much the same issue, this folder keeps filling up whenever the security centre is running and choking my OS drive. I'm personally not keen to move the %ALLUSERSPROFILE% folder itself, just the location KSC uses to retain temporary copies. Can you provide more detailed instructions on how to move these folders to another partition permanently? This problem has been raised several times on these forums and to my knowledge no solution has been forthcoming from Kaspersky, I would love to be proved wrong if a fix exists. Alternatively can Kaspersky provide a patch to allow these updates to be redirected?
  2. I have a similar issue though not 32Gb worth of data thankfully. Is there any configuration that can be made to move these folders to another drive?
  3. Same issue here but only Windows 7 machines with KES and NA 9.0.2786. Installed the KLOPP patch and disabled system watcher and that seemed to fix the issue. Win XP machines and those running KAV 6.0 that I have not transitioned to KES 8.1.0 were unaffected.
  4. I am also getting this issue with Outlook 2007, all machines running and not all are affected. I'd rather not disable the AV options related to Outlook but the users should be able to click on Allow and not see this issue again.
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