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  1. Thanks for the information 'worms'. I agree the price does seem a bit high. //edit: One post was removed, this is not the correct place to shout your best deals.
  2. I'm due for licence renewal in about three weeks time and in the meantime have upgraded to KIS2017. When I open the 'Renewal' reminder I see it is priced in dollars and not British pounds. How do I overcome this please.
  3. Thanks for your help. I must have missed something in the Kaspersky download instructions for KIS2016 as I now have KIS2017 installed!!! Ah well, I'll have to live with it now. I've never found Kaspersky instructions very clear; I believe they assume every user has a degree in computing. All I've got is a few decades and grey hairs. I think the renewal will be ok later on this month.
  4. Thanks for your reply. My current licence expires 22nd October and in the past I have renewed early in October and selected an option that renewed at expiration rather than immediately. (I had previously lost a number of days by activating too soon.) I can't see an option to just renew my current licence (KIS2015) I keep being asked to purchase KIS2017. I know there is a way around this but can't seem to find it. Can't I upgrade to KIS2016 before renewal?
  5. It's time for my annual enquiry about licence renewal and possible upgrade to KIS 2016. I prefer not to upgrade to KIS 2017 until I'm sure all possible problems have been resolved. Would someone please advise on upgrade to 2016 which should take care of the renewal at the same time.
  6. At the beginning of October I posted a comment regarding lost days from my licence at update/renewal. I sent a complaint to Kaspersky, as advised, and received an acknowledgement. Today I sent a reminder about the complaint and am very happy to report that a Senior Technical Support Specialist has responded and I have had an adjustment made and now have a full year's licence again. I would be pleased if someone could pass on my thanks to this person as it is a welcome opportunity to be able to post a positive comment. Well done Technical Support.
  7. Everything is fine with my dates and time I just didn't see the information I needed for renewal. However, I did look closely at 'My Kaspersky' and found a page with 'My Codes' on it. Clicking on that reveals options for buying or renewing and is information that would have helped me had I known it existed and may help others in the future. I have made contact with Kaspersky regarding the lost days and wait to see what the outcome is.
  8. Thanks for the info but I couldn't see any way of just renewing so I had to go for an install of KIS 2015. Ideally I would have liked to upgrade from KIS 2013 to KIS 2014 but I'm now on a new installation and have lost about 12 days of this year's licence. Perhaps it's me, but I never find Kaspersky instructions particularly clear when it come to just renewal of a licence and I usually need to ask for help from you guys. Last year all went well and I had the automatic renewal after the expiration of the previous year. I generally wait for about 12 months before upgrading to see that all the wrinkles have been ironed out so it's fingers crossed on this one!
  9. Hi Guys. It's that time of year again when I need to renew my licence. When I click 'renew' I am directed to upgrade to KIS 2015, but I simply want to renew my existing subscription for another year with option to upgrade later if needed. I'm sure this question has been asked before (probably by me) but could someone help out an oldie please. Thanks
  10. I had the same problem for a few years until I was advised to enter the new activation code but do not click 'Activate now'. This way the application will be automatically activated on the renewal date and you will not have lost any days. It's worked for me for the past few years but you are unlikely to retrieve lost days for this year.
  11. Go for it, clueless joe. I upgraded from XP and got a new computer, less that a month ago, specifying Windows 7 as I heard so many good things about it. There's a lot that comes with the package and it has many improvements to the programmes that I use on a day to day basis. It also gives you the opportunity to upgrade your Internet Explorer and I have found this to be an immense improvement. I'm an old timer and don't always welcome change but I'm glad I did in this instance. Take whatever advice you get from the guys on the forum. It's usually pretty good!
  12. Thanks for the info. As I am not a computer wizard I always watch the comments made on the forums about any new release. I then wait until I am fairly certain that most, if not all, bugs have been ironed out before updating. When I first bought Kaspersky and then updated to a new version, I had so many problems and, apart for the forums, had no one to help me. I also found that some moderators (no names) seemed to have very little patience or assumed that all users had the same degree of knowledge that they have. (I was even threatened one time to have my access to forums withdrawn) All that said, I am happy to use Kaspersky and receive help when required.
  13. Thanks guys. Would the contents of this link work if I saved to my external drive and then uploaded to my new pc? p.s. I will be going for Windows 7.
  14. Thanks rudger79 but this link appears to take me to 'how to clean Temporary Directory'. I will want to stay with KIS 13 but most of the download sites appear to offer only KIS 14. How do I get round this please.
  15. I will shortly be getting a completely new computer, new OS, the whole works. About 12 months ago I remember someone asking how to transfer or reinstall KIS on a new PC and it seemed to involve the activation code and a complete removal from the old PC. Would someone be able to give the correct procedure please so that I can print it out ready to use in a couple of weeks time. No geek speak please as I'm getting a bit long in the tooth now. Thanks in advance.
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