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  1. HI, everyone. I have Kaspersky internet security 2013 installed with Adguard and second Internet Security. My problem is that I am unable to connect to my Wifi Router page (192.168……) to change login creditials when it is not connected to internet. Even pausing KIS protection does not help and at the same time Disabling second IS and Adguard does not solve this problem. When it is connected to internet, or when I exit Kaspersky internet security or when I disable port scan of 80 (HTTP) this problem does not occurs. I have two network accounts shared with my friends. That is why when one of them used, I need to change to another. Could anyone help me! Is this problem because of I have two IS installed, or because of Adguard. Thank you in advance!
  2. Why does Kis block access to this site - 313news.net. I can enter to this site on another computer with different internet security. But Kaspersky internet security recognizes everything in this site as malware. Could anyone clarify this issue?
  3. My OS is Windows 7 32 bit too. But one of my friend's computer has this OS (Windows 7 32 bit) and kis 2011 full scan completes on it with default settings. And i think that the problem is related to large files on my second drive. Because directly from xnacc.sys file kis must begin to scan second drive. And i have some compressed and large files (2 GB and more) in this drive. May be that is why kis 2011 full scan freezes and cannot move to second drive. But kis 2010 scanned these files without no problem. And might be i go back to kis 2010 for some time. (I will move huge files from my computer then i try to do full scan with default settings again.....)
  4. I could't stop full scan, either. I had to restart kis or computer. But thanks to richbuff it is ok now
  5. Thank you! I followed your suggestion and it helped. But i am worried about that "am i fully protected with this settings?" i noticed that kis froze because it couldn't scan large files on the second hard drive, but with this settings it does!
  6. I did exatly as you said, deleted all zonaalarm products from computer. Even deleted relevant entries from registry and reinstalled kis but full scan still stops on the same file.
  7. Hello, i have kis 2011 400 build installed on my computer. And i have problem with full scan. Every time it freezes when scannin the same file (xnacc.sys) i don't know the reason. Can anybody help me with this issue?
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