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  1. What I have telling is that KIS 2014 could be updated offline, as I have done since last April 2014, because the Updater program allow to download bases and patches for this release and KIS have the option to select the updtate's source. The problem is not the updater, the problem is the NEW license check operation included recently to verify the license that we have bought for a period of at least one year. That´s why the updater is not usefull anymore! And that´s the reason of been dissappointed for such a decision of limit the freedoom of the user to select the online versus offline mode of work, as has been possible in every other release of KIS (the earliest have a avp.zip file to update the bases and modules). These last years the user has lost options that the program offer. I bought Kaspersky because it allow me to update offline the program in some of my computers, otherwise I would have bought Bitdefender. Today, the way to protect your information is be disconneted from the net. That`s why a have a Desktop PC whitout any net connection (wifi, etc.). Now, result of this problem, I change my antivirus program and I recommend other user to do the same.
  2. Recently I have tried to update KIS 2014 using the Updater utility, as I have been doing it the last months, but IT´S IMPOSSIBLE because the databases are rejected indicating a failure in the license check. Obviously the license it's OK and the program was activated online. After the activation I must work with it offline due to the fact that it's installed in a Desktop PC without an internet connection. As everybody can confirm, KIS 2014 offer the posibility of select the origin of the updates (servers or others) and the updater let us download the bases and patches as well. With this change, the offline update is IMPOSSIBLE if you have a PC without an Internet connection, as other Antivirus and Kaspersky was offering to the customers, because every two weeks, as the support team says to me, you must connect your PC to internet to check the licence you have paid for, EVERY TWO WEEKS! One thing is clear, the updater don´t allow the use of KIS 2014 anymore. How I can recover the money I have paid for a license I can't use at all? If you can´t work online, your Desktop PC must work with other companies such AVAST, Panda, etc. I have been working with KIS so many years, but I don´t want to suffer such a problem. :angry:
  3. Here I enclosed the last report. The trace file is bigger than 300Kb. What I have seen are patches stored in the /bin directory. In the KIS 2013 update's format the program use an AutoPatches directory, but I don´t know if in KIS 2014 this mode of work has change. report.txt
  4. I have downloaded the latest updater (beta versión but with this program is only posible to download the patches for KIS 2013, not for KIS 2014. Its going to be support for these patchs or the updater is limited to the bases? Certenly I don´t understand why the user must lose options with the software. What about the PCs in home networks. I bought a license for 3 to 5 PCs but is not posible to connect every PC every day to update KIS. What can we do? :angry:
  5. I have read that KLUpdater not support KIS 2014. I´m a KIS user from many years, since the updates were downloaded in zip format. As an user of Kaspersky I always found very usefull the option of update the program offline, as it has been in all the other versions. Why we must lose such an option in the 2014 versión? I´m very disappointed with this decisión and I hope Kasperky offer us the same functionalities that the program have in older versions. Enrique :angry:
  6. I have installed a KIS 2011 11.0.0232a in a Vista Premium 32 bits and after a CD scan the program detected a troyan in a msi file. Obviosly I don´t install that program but KIS show a permanent RED alert and the option given by the program to desinfect was to do no action. I know that is not possible to erase a CD file, but how it´s is posible to disallow the RED alert in KIS?
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