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  1. Now I'm really pissed off, once again the patch for Password Manager from Kaspersky PURE R2 dont work, and haven't really done in a long long time. I give up, to day i uinstalled the Kaspersky Pure with Password Manager, and i will not buy any more of Kaspersky products. Kaspersky have it self to blame, they can and will not treat costumers like this, how have paid big money for their products. I had enough!. :angry:
  2. Don´t bother to answer, just bought a new software, but not from Kaspersky, and my problem is now over. And NO... Kaspersky never answered me.....relay bad, but there lost. :dash1: Case closed !
  3. Updated it with what ? The only update for now is the "stand-alone" Password manager, and this solution needs a new license key, did u buy a new key for this one ?
  4. Since we do not get any answers or help from Kaspersky, the question is how we who have purchased license for Kaspersky PURE, can obtain license keys for the standalone version of Kaspersky Password Manager, so that we can continue to used the program. This is the only solution I can see right now.
  5. Yes I am. I have send a new message to support, and a complain about how they handled this problem.
  6. I also have this problem, and I have also contacted support, but they do not even have time to answer me and I are now becoming somewhat angry, and God knows if I will even buy anything more from Kaspersky in the future ..... Very bad support from Kaspersky :angry:
  7. Auto fill plug-in is not compatible with Firefox 5. Is there a solution for this problem yet ? I do not want to reinstall Firefox 4. :aa:
  8. Hi ! I have a license for the Kaspersky Pure edition, with include "password manager", can someone tell me if i can us the password manager on my Android phone, or just access the database from the phone ? Best regards. :bs:
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