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  1. Hi any one could help me to remove symantec antivirus 11.0.1000.1375.
  2. Ohhhhh Thats good . But i dont have any single backup. and i am trying to take this backup for security purpose .
  3. yeah i Tried the same but still same error.
  4. Hi All, My some of the clients showing out of control in administration kit apporx 200 out of 350 users. we are using KBSS product. we checked all protection on client its on on some system & some component is disable on rest of the system.
  5. Hi, Dear all Friend. we are using kaspersky Business space security antivirus product for our organisation. but we are facing one issue with administration kit. i Want to take backup of our admin kit settings & database. but while taking backup we received SQL accss denied error.the screen shot of error is attached with gif file.kindly help me to resolved this issue.thanks in advance for your valuable reply. Ragards, Sam.
  6. i tried to disable ndis filter but sometime it works & sometime not. but we are using kaspersky antivitrus on 160 computer manually on personal pc i know how to uninstall NDIS filter but is there any way to manage this process through admin console so it will be better to us manage.and no need to go to client pc.
  7. Hi, there is no message the only message is page cannot displayed & that time if we exit kav then it will get open suddenly.
  8. ya i already tried all this thing in firewall but still same issue even we disable anti hacker component.
  9. Hi, In our organisation when we start the system that time suppose we try to open internet the web sites are not getting opend if we want to open web sites then we need to exit kaspersky protection . without exiting protection websites not doesn't get open.we are using kaspersky workspace security ( Kav ) version we try to disable web antivirus but still same issue. thansk for your help in advance.
  10. Hi, We are using kaspersky workspace security application in our organisation for our workstations security needs. basically we are in game developing field. our some users use firefox to execute some javabased files to their work initally without kaspersky antivirus it takes 1 minuts to load all the files. but system which having kaspersky antivirus installed is taking 5 Minutes to load all the files. fpr troubleshooting purpose we disabled the Anti Hacker, proactive defence , web antivirus component from the kav version.but still the same issue we are facing. so please tell me what should i do to resolved this issue. thanks in advance.
  11. There is no log related to kaspersky antivirus only the log of kav net agent.
  12. Hi. we are using kaspersky antivirus in our organisation after installed kav 6.0 mp4 the service of File antivirus & anti hacker doesn't start we try to reinstalled but still issue is same.pls helsp us to resolved this.
  13. Os installed for administration kit is Windows 7.
  14. I tried the all but still issue not resolved. so can u pls tell me any another posibilities?
  15. HI, We are using kaspersky workspace antivirus in 150 system. in system while try to update from admin server update is happening but giving error not all component were updated. but othere system are updating properly.i try to reinstall antivirus & remove update folder from admin kit & reupdate all bases,patches & indesxes. but still same isue is there. KWSS version is & admin kit is 8.0.2090 pl help me. thanks & Regards, Sam.
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