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  1. Hi again! Sorry, but after those extensions added in notes.ini (to be sure - I had a look in ../local/notesdata folder - those *.so files are present) there were no changes. The same errors are logged and any sent message is lost. Additional info (maybe it helps): My excuses - KAV version is Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Lotus Domino v When i open https://<dominoservername>/kav50en.nsf the field "Kernel detected" is empty and the field "Anti-virus databases" says Базы не установлены. But when I manually start update task, it just finishes fine! Updates are downloaded, checked and installed (at least they appear in "bases" folder). And.. In Domino Server Administrator console->People and Groups->Mail-in databases there is a database kav_captured.nsf which have no name (Name filed is empty) - is this OK? (I thought this is the database "KavCheckBox")..
  2. Thanks for advice, zuq! I'll try it! Maybe even this evening.
  3. Hi All! We had just installed Kaspersky Antivirus for Lotus Notes / Domino (Business Optimal) on RHEL 3 (kernel 2.4.21-32) server. Domino server version is 5.0.11. KAV version is (If the version shown in Control centre is the product version). After installation procedure the only thing that works fine is updates.. Looks like something is missing... incomplete. After server restart, no mail is processed at all. If somebody sends something, message just dissapear. In server log we see following lines: KAVScanner: Initialization KAVScanner: Localization is set KAVScanner: Load settings KAVScanner: Reading notes.ini KAVScanner: Settings storage reading KAVScanner: Queue create. KAVScanner: Queue (MQ$KAVSCANNER) created. KAVScanner: For help - tell KAVScanner help. KAVScanner: KavOptionsname folder Kav/kav_control. KAVScanner: KavDatabases folder Kav/. KAVScanner: Kernel initialization. KAVScanner: Cannot initialize kernel (2). KAVScanner: Kernel initialization error. Exit. KAVMonitor: Initialization KAVMonitor: Localization is set KAVMonitor: Load settings KAVMonitor: Reading notes.ini KAVMonitor: Settings storage reading KAVMonitor: Queue create. KAVMonitor: Queue (MQ$KAVMONITOR) created. KAVMonitor: For help - tell KAVMonitor help. KAVMonitor: KavOptionsname folder Kav/kav_control. KAVMonitor: KavDatabases folder Kav/. KAVMonitor: Kernel initialization. KAVMonitor: Cannot initialize kernel (2). KAVMonitor: Kernel initialization error. Exit. And maybe somebody can tell me what are the changes in notes.ini file after KAV installation? Note: I am not a Linux guru. And our Linux guru knows nothing about KAV ))
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