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  1. BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 3 PCs with 2011 .400 installed and one will not let me enable Parental Control. Coincidentally it is the PC that did not have it enabled (on purpose) when I had 2010. The answer to everything on this site seems to be uninstall, run the cleaner and reinstall. Kaspersky also drug the USB death problem over in to 2011. There is no excuse for porting a huge and well known problem like that (Let alone havinng it get through engineering testing in the first place.) I have managed very large and complex SW engineering groups, including all of the SW eng for NORAD. Kaspersky needs a new SW Test Manager. In the mean time fix Parental Control
  2. I had big problems running audio recording SW like Reaper - especially the plug ins. Found that it is how K handles file anti- virus scanning. In setting I changed Additional Settings - Scan Mode to On Execution not Smart Mode. It appears Kaspersky can't see .dlls as existing files and needs to scan them every time an app calls them. or at least these apps.
  3. What's BS about this is that Kaspersky knew about this issue a build ago. Should never have been in .400
  4. Thanks for the help Downloaded from http://www.kaspersky.com/kis_latest_versions Agian it only seems to hose computers that had no devices connected to USB when the product was loaded/configured
  5. I tried support who told me it was a Beata version so I should go sse the Betta people. The Beta people told me it was a support issue and that the product was not a Beta. I told the support people who told me that it was a Beta in the states and no one was trained yet. Now you tell me to go to support. There are too many places to go, to much confusion. EXACATLY where do I go to find someone who will accept their role to help me fix this and who knows how to fix this? What is the link please.
  6. Laptop and PC - both have disabled USB and the drivers cannot be reloaded. Given that one PC is functional my guess it that it is because USB was in use when the program loaded and or did it's set up. USB was not connected when the laptop and other PC loaded 2011 and configured.
  7. After loading 2011 I can't get to the new Yahoo Mail. On Mozilla or Explorer and even if I pause protection. Have 2011 on 5 computers - all worked fine before and none work now. Cannot fix using Allowed URLs
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