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  1. technical support asked me to send them some reports which they have sent to Kaspersky developers. they told me it was a bug 2796933 that was in November 30 2018. I have just got in touch with technical support for a update on this issue.
  2. i have still got the issue safe money not working with edge browser, and that's with patch c and the October update from windows. i have got tech support looking into this issue and i have sent a traces report to them twice. anybody else got this issue still.
  3. just got a email from technical support confirming that ms edge browser is not currently supported by the safe money component.
  4. i removed kaspersky 2018 and installed kaspersky 2019 .then using the edge browser (default) put ebay in the search bar , then got this pop up below. restarted pc and safe money protected browser opened with explorer 11 not the edge browser.
  5. i removed kas2018 using control panel opition before i installed kas2019. do i need to use the kaspersky removel tool to do a clean install of kas2019.
  6. i was under the impression that safe money protected browser would work when kaspersky 2019 and windows version 1803 were released but i must have been wrong. unless someone can tell me different. at the moment i am using fire fox version 60.0,1 (64 bit) for using kasperky safe money (protected browser) and its working fine.
  7. sorry i made a mistake safe money was not working with the edge browser. i have just installed kaspersky 2019. ( and safe money still wont work with the edge browser.
  8. safe money has been working with my edge browser ok untill today, its gone back to changing to explorer when i log to ebay and any bank web site. i am using kaspersky 2018 (h) and i have windows version 1803. my laptop is a dell and today dell advise me to run their optimise tool which i did dont know if that caused the issue.
  9. my mate had total security 2017 on his pc but it has been removed, would it have been caused by the last big windows update. he's only just found out that kaspersky is missing, i not sure if he has got the activating code. so do we have to down load kaspersky total security 2018 and purchase a new activating code
  10. when i log on to ebay i am getting this pop up from kaspersky how can i stop this. in kaspersky detailed reports it said this as photo
  11. i changed it to public but still got the pop up unsecure connection, i have change my dual hub to a split ssid, i am not getting the pop up now, pc on5ghz. in kaspersky/network/properties. 2.4ghz ssid is dissconected is this ok, my printer working ok on 2.4ghz.
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