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  1. I've been running Firefox 3.6 for a long time. I know I need to upgrade, but I'm not sure what version I can safely upgrade to. 1. When firefox comes out with a new release, are future releases of firefox compatible with PM 5 automatically? 2. Where do we go on this website/forum to discover when or if PM 5 is compatible with the most recent upgrades of firefox or IE as they are released. Seems there were major problems with Firefox 11 and PM5. I ran into trouble upgrading firefox before PM5 came out, and had to reinstall firefox 3.6 to be compatible with PM4. This is why I haven't upgraded firefox, even though I'm running PM5 now. Thanks, Jeff
  2. I have 5 different hotmail accounts. Prior to just a few days ago, I could log out of one hotmail account, click on a hotmail toolbar link I have in firefox (I only use FF) and access the sign on page, where Password Manager would autofill or give me a choice of which hotmail account I wanted to sign into. As of a few days ago, Hotmail now has some stupid splash image of "Click here to sign in another hotmail account" (something like that, anyway.) On the opposite side is an ad for whatever. Every time I click on sign on another account link, it takes me back to the main MSN sign on page, and has the account that I just logged into showing. I can either click the button to sign into this account again or click a link below it that says to sign in using another user ID. When I click the sign on using another user ID, I get the typical open fields for username and password; however, Password Manager doesn't autofill. On this splash page is a close button. I've tried X-ing out of this splash ad image thing, and it still doesn't autofill, as it still has the previous account name I signed into. Once again, I must click the link under this to get clear fields for both username and password. I realize this isn't so much a Password Manager issue, as it Hotmail. Maybe they are screwing around with password managers because they want us to spend time on their pages. Sure that's it. Question is...can anything be done to get this to work again? Cheers- Jeff
  3. I have the same issue with firefox. The button at the top disappears. Doesn't disappear in IE, though I REFUSE to use IE. What I found works is this: click the middle resize window button on Firefox. It's the one sandwiched between minimize and close. After clicking this and moving the window around, the button reappears. This is a pain in the butt, but it does get the button to reappear. My suggestion is if Kaspersky can actually build this into the toolbar area of firefox like their link filter icon.
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