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  1. After upgrading FF to version 19 Kaspersky add-on Safe Money was disabled as well as 6 other add-ons. Is Kaspersky working on this to at least make Safe Money compatible?
  2. I updated FF to Version 19.0 today and now the following Add-ons are disabled in KIS13: Virtual Keyboard Content Blocker Safe Money
  3. Is there a fix available for the FIRE FOX 18 and KAS PASSWORD MANAGER incompatibility (Win XP) that I am not aware of it? It's been a long time that has passed that I am without the use of KPM. Someone with knowledge of this situation please respond. Thanks
  4. I agree with the.nerd completely. I love KPM when it is working but each time that FF upgrades KPM lags way to far behind to catch up and when they do it's just a blip on this Forum that here is the fix and they give the link. It seems to be always a secret, maybe they wait until SF's creat's a fix and then they massage it abit for their purpose. A little communication along the way would be a tremendous help!!! Their Tech Support is typically oblivious to the problem and if called they will waltz you around around trying to "fix" the issue, if you understad the Pakistan language that is>
  5. GOOD NEWS!! I have been working with NASDAQ a bleeping computer forum addict on a PUP and Blue Screen issue as well. Among many things he asked me this morning to run AdwCleaner and to delete everthing that was found. After running AdwCleaner I opened up the default Fire Fox profile and there was that old familiar box asking me if it could install KPM into FireFox, of course I checked allow and restarted FireFox and well wouldn't you know it, thare was that familiar green key in the upper right corner of the page , yesssssssssss! This was an amazing problem that once again is solved by a BC forum Addict (unintentionally in this case but non the less - DONE!!
  6. I didn't see an error about the extension but then again I didn't know what I was looking for. There is a lot of errors and warnings but I did not see the name Kaspersky in any of them. I had uninstalled and re installed the previous version Firefox 15.0.1 nothing changed. This is a strange one, I have finally received assistance from Kaspersky today, but so far to no avail. This afternoon Kaspersky Tech Support suggested that I disable all of my plugins and then uninstall and reinstall the KPM plugin not!
  7. What was the KPM version before and does anyone know where I can getr it? I'm thinking of trying to go back to the previous version of Fire Fox and KPM and see if I can get functional once again. Thanks
  8. Unbelievable, I spoke with tech support yesterday (once again) and this guy says, ummmm, let me have a look at your case, I see, I will have the proper people look at your case and get back to you: this has been going on since the 22nd of this month! Hey Mr or Mrs Kaspersky, are you going to back up your product? Anyone know of a Password Manager out there other than these guys, I used KPM forever but apparently it's time for a change, THEY DO NOT BACK UP THEIR PRODUCT.
  9. Thanks for the support, I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything remotely connected to KPM anf FF to no avail and Kaspersky has not responded to the first two open tech support cases. I opened up another one on Thursday and heard nothing back from them. I'm not going to waste my time and your ears about slamming them, but it is time to speak to someone other than their outsourced kids reading solutions from a manual. Does anyone have a phone number or email address of "the big Kas"? I need to speak with them directly but I have no idea how to break through their layers of what they refer to as tech support. Thanks :dash1:
  10. I downloaded Version 5.0 ( and am still not able to run KPM in FF 16. I am still experiencing the same problem; There is no caption button in the upper right and no auto fill, in other words I cannot use KPM as it is designed to work, I can only copy and paste from Password Manager at the bottom right of the page. Kaspersky Tech support has not been of very much help, "Nathan in NY" has left me hanging for 2 days since he recommended downloading Version 5.0 ( after I supplied him with his requested screen shots and ReportMaker scan results. I called them once again this evening and spoke with "Luis" he recommended to manually install Mozilla FireFox plug in as a supported browser. It was already showing as installed but I uninstalled and reinstalled it anyway. Same thing it doesn't run and after supplying good old "Luis" with current screen shots and Kaspersky Report data .. I hear nothing from anyone. KPM works in Chrome and IE but this latest upgrade to FF16 has not worked. I am going to SE Asia in a couple of weeks for an extended period of time and I have to say that Kaspersky support is not here when I need them and that sucks, because as you all know all of my passwords are tied up in their program and they don't seem to give a s...t about my problem of only being able to copy and paste from password manager. Any immediate assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. I upgraded to FireFox 16.0.1 and my KPM: has ceased to be available in the top tray as a caption button. My operating system is Win XP I uninstalled and reinstalled KPM and refreshed FireFox 16.0.1. The lock/unlock KPM icon button appears in the bottom tray with info available but I cannot use KPM unless I open password manager and copy and paste. I have a big International trip coming up soon and really could use this to be functioning ASAP, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. This upgrade worked ok with my laptop running Vista. Thanks
  12. Re: Critical Fix 8 for Kaspersky Password Manager (or any other Critical Fix for KPM) is there a need to uninstall the previous version before installing the Fix?
  13. Re: Critical Fix 8 for Kaspersky Password Manager (or any other Critical Fix for KPM) is there a need to uninstall the previous version before installing the Fix? By the way, I see that it takes care of "compatibility issues with the browser program Mozilla Firefox 16", I have FF 14.0.1 installed and am told by Mozilla that I am up to date. Can it be that Kaspersky is actually being proactive with a FF upgrade?? :bravo:
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