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  1. Try an update to the installation. Whilst the most recent sticky topic is for, it includes a link to http://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/multi-device-security where the most recent build is greater:
  2. http://pastebin.com/L3TGuQMq shows the last lines logged before a double panic. Of particular interest, the message from kav_agent – apparently after shutdown: … 2013-11-14 21:27:40.677 shutdown[12471]: halt by gjp22: 2013-11-14 21:27:40.678 shutdown[12471]: SHUTDOWN_TIME: 1384464460 677483 2013-11-14 21:27:40.000 kernel[0]: Kext loading now disabled. 2013-11-14 21:27:40.000 kernel[0]: Kext unloading now disabled. 2013-11-14 21:27:40.000 kernel[0]: Kext autounloading now disabled. 2013-11-14 21:27:40.000 kernel[0]: Kernel requests now disabled. 2013-11-14 21:27:41.420 kav_agent[961]: An instance 0x1b86ca0 of class KLBLConnection was deallocated while key value observers were still registered with it. Observation info was leaked, and may even become mistakenly attached to some other object. Set a breakpoint on NSKVODeallocateBreak to stop here in the debugger. Here's the current observation info: <NSKeyValueObservationInfo 0x1eb8790> ( <NSKeyValueObservance 0x1eb6a20: Observer: 0x1eb7990, Key path: isConnected, Options: <New: NO, Old: NO, Prior: NO> Context: 0x0, Property: 0x1eb6aa0> <NSKeyValueObservance 0x1eb93b0: Observer: 0x1eb9330, Key path: isConnected, Options: <New: NO, Old: NO, Prior: NO> Context: 0x0, Property: 0x1eb6aa0> <NSKeyValueObservance 0x1ebc130: Observer: 0x1ebf630, Key path: isConnected, Options: <New: NO, Old: NO, Prior: NO> Context: 0x0, Property: 0x1eb6aa0> <NSKeyValueObservance 0x1ebfe90: Observer: 0x1ebfe00, Key path: isConnected, Options: <New: NO, Old: NO, Prior: NO> Context: 0x0, Property: 0x1eb6aa0> <NSKeyValueObservance 0x1ec1660: Observer: 0x1ec15d0, Key path: isConnected, Options: <New: NO, Old: NO, Prior: NO> Context: 0x0, Property: 0x1eb6aa0> ) http://pastebin.com/eAWPUvjC shows the content of the resulting .panic file. Not to be shared publicly, I also have a much larger kernel core dump. Kasperky Internet Security is Question Is it reasonable to assume that the Kasperky software contributed to the kernel panic? If so, I'll raise a ticket.
  3. Scan of all objects, all file types, deep heuristic analysis, C: and D: completed without difficulty.
  4. Kaspersky Rescue Disk kav using 99.9% CPU seemed to get no further than scanning C:/WINDOWS/ie7/ieakeng.dll — a 140 KB file in Windows XP Professional. I'll try again with dmesg.txt locale.txt lshw.txt lspci.txt mount.txt partitions.txt
  5. Probably best for reports re: the beta to be posted to the beta area, Kaspersky Lab Forum > Beta Testing > Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac OS X
  6. Please, how should I obtain a trial version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Workstation for a trial that is not corporate? My intention is to trial with Ubuntu 10.04 on a desktop (not a server). http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...st&p=686136 steers to http://www.kaspersky.co.uk/trials and AFAICT the only trial there for Linux workstations falls under the corporate heading. I tried the link offered at http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...st&p=592327 but that's 404, not found.
  7. A comparable issue, reported in the beta forum: dataloss: installation loses exclusions and other preferences
  8. See screen shot. When an uninstallation is successful, a subsequent installation should not be shown as an upgrade. An issue with Apple packaging or Installer technologies, maybe? How about the --forget option in pkgutil? (I'm not familiar with this stuff. Just guessing.)
  9. Removing trace files (logs) and preferences makes it difficult to test/troubleshoot. Example: in relation to [#UK-20100717-0064] I have been asked to compare with a different version of the software. The uninstaller offers no warning that preferences or logs will be lost. Please can you add, to the uninstaller, options to * preserve preferences * preserve logs. IMHO preservation of such things should be a default. Thanks Graham
  10. See also In the beta area, another accessibility issue involving menus: pasting to the 'Activation' window is difficult
  11. True, but band modifications are frequent and I would expect iSwift to scan any modified file. I look forward to it
  12. After all these years? If Apple fix that .app there'll be nothing left to remind me of Mac OS 9
  13. @ Kaspersky Reading this topic tentatively alongside http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=174606 in the beta area, I wonder what would happen if the user alters a preference, to show the application in the Dock (instead of the menu bar) …
  14. Side note: we see kav twice in the image at http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?act=a...t&id=170630 (from topic http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=174495) but I can't recall whether that's a result of (a) experimenting with keeping the daemon alive, or ( browsing help etc. from the command line at the same time as the .app was running. Gut feeling: more likely (.
  15. Confirmed: release candidate silently fails to scan objects on volumes of this type. This is relatively major omission, so I'll add a reference to this topic from the Suggestions… topic.
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