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  1. Thank you ..as mine is 529 KB that's quite a lot less then the ones shown above which are MB
  2. I have two "secure connections" running in my KIS, which I can see in application activity. One is ksde.exe the other is ksdeui.exe, the first one is using over 520kb in the disk the second one over 93 kb, is this normal, should there be two secure connections running and should it use that much disk ? Im running d
  3. Since updating to I have a lot of green shields appearing on pages when browsing (this was not happening before) for instance when looking at holiday cottages on a site every other picture of the cottage was a green shield. When browsing ebay there are so many small green shields scattered about the page, next to signin, next to basket etc. I use windows 10, Internet explorer browser is default and Edge browser. Can I reduce the amount of these little green shields ?
  4. I now have KIS and noticed in the Self Defense settings Microsoft Protected Processes Technology and the box next to it ticked. When I clicked on details it took me to a kaspersky page with an Error 404. Can anyone tell me whether I should leave this box ticked and what it actually is or does. Thank you
  5. I dont know how to post this as http Detected object (file) deleted;C:\Users\linda\AppData\Local\Facebook\Games\cache\Cache\f_000725;C:\Users\linda\AppData\Local\Facebook\Games\cache\Cache\f_000725;HEUR:Exploit.Script.Generic;Trojan program;03/27/2018 07:37:09
  6. I clicked on your link above and added the detected file link (C:\Users\linda\AppData\Local\Facebook\Games\cache\Cache\f_000725) then clicked scan but it said the file must be in http form, im unsure how to find that that form of it.
  7. Even though the file has been deleted when I scan in a few days it will pick up another one again
  8. It appears after a full scan ... I have deleted ..then scan a few days later and it appears again with a different file number ..for instance this one is f_000725... but everything else is the same . Hopefully this is what you wanted. Thank you
  9. When I run a full scan KIS is picking up a Heur Exploit script generic from Facebook, game, cache, Cache It puts it in Quarantine I delete it and then when I run a full scan a few days later another one has appeared. Do I bring this to the attention of Facebook or is it a false positive from KIS ? Only the letters and number of the file change. see screenshot
  10. As long as its not just me then ... with all the language converters I would have thought it would take moments to translate at the top of each relevant forum.. but then Im not that computer savvy so I bow to your greater knowledge. Thank you for explaining
  11. But why have a russian announcement at the top of the english speaking forum ? and at the top of this page .. it doesnt make sense
  12. Does everybody on the english speaking forum have an annoucement across the top of the page in Russian ?
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