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  1. So, If I'm reading this right the new klif that came with v7 has this undocumented registry key to control this. Can you provide the documentation here for this registry key, while we wait for the patch to get tested?
  2. I copied about 19,536 files from one directory to another directory on the same drive and bam after 16,384 or so files "Out of Memory Error". Yes, this is with KAV v7. I don't care about the file size because that doesn't matter in the equation, it's the number of files not the total file size. I have done lots of tests with v6 regarding file size vs number of files. When v7 came out I installed it, copied 19k files and watched my 4GB ram machine become a doorstop. Then, installed the workaround and not a single problem. Please, read this thread real careful before you respond to the "Out of Memory Error", or anything else I've said here. BTW, MS has already acknowledged this problem so what are you trying to say? Your computer is special? I will be real happy when this gets cleared up.
  3. Sobko, one more question. Can you post here the hotfix, KB number, or whatever MS puts out when this gets fixed, please? You will have a much better idea than we will. Thank you for finding and getting MS to acknowledge they made a mistake.
  4. Awesome news! Sobko, does this mean that when MS fixes this then the original non-patched version of KAV, any vista version, will work out of the box on a vista computer?
  5. Thanks for the info regarding MS. Glad I could help out. I fail to remember when you misdirected my comments. Do you have me confused with PSSS, or somebody else? I guess it was a long time ago and I don't have the time to re-read all 12 pages in this forum to see if you did. I was referring to PSSS getting all worked up in my last post.
  6. Sorry for causing some to go overboard on what I said. Don read my post the way it was intended. I didn't mean to say anything bad about Kaspersky. I was just advocating to let users know of the issue and the "Workaround" while MS got their butt in gear and fix this via hotfix, sp1, or something. Kaspersky could then put the link to the MS page and get the "supposed" bad PR off their back. Bad PR is no good for any company. Doing it the right way: priceless. I like the product hence I have stuck with them. Yes, even though I said I was going to leave and even asked for alternatives. I was angry too. I have since calmed down and am VERY happy about the workaround. It was hard to tell if it was Kaspersky or MS's fault at the beginning. I have flipped many times because I didn't have access to the source code of KAV or MS. I was only assuming and doing very bad at that even. If Kaspersky put this info on the website and the "Workaround" including putting the blame to MS it would look much better than what it currently is. Yes, for only those who experience this issue. I copy over 16k files everyday. For me, it was very, very frustrating until the "Workaround". Thanks Don for reading the post properly. I guess I should have worded it a little better. PSSS, I copied the files including the inf to the KLIFX64, for x64 bit, directory then ran the inf file. That worked very well. I made backups before copying the files over first, just in case. I was just wanting Kaspersky to do the right thing and put the blame on MS and prevent misdeception. Just trying to help out Kaspersky.
  7. Thanks for the update, that is a great way to handle this problem. When would we expect this driver to be in all products? It doesn't matter that it's a workaround. The installation was easy and painless. It's not like you had to work with the registry, edit files, etc... Everybody who has used the "Workaround" has had success, so the beta period is over. Look at Microsoft's Hotfixes for an example.
  8. Sobko and Kaspersky, The file you provided has helped many including myself. You might want to put the file on the website to allow users much easier access to it rather than going to page 9 of the forum to get it. I understand that putting the file and explanation of the file can deter many from buying the product. The alternative would be to not put the file on your website and allow the user to experience the 16,384 copy issue and after much frustration find out that Kaspersky knew of the problem and failed to inform them. I find that misdeception is worse than putting the file and showing acknowledgement of the problem. I would rather buy a product from a company the shows real concern for the problems it might cause the user, rather than more concerned about making as much money as possible. BTW, is there any news on the homefront with Microsoft?
  9. Sobko, Are there any updates regarding this issue? I installed the patch and it works great but for my file server, I had to uninstall KAV 621 due to an extremely slow file transfer rate. I'm talking about 2 bytes/s or something like that. I copied a 4mb file and I was told it would take 4 days to complete. I tried lots of things, rebooting turning off KAV, everything I could think of. I uninstalled KAV and my speed came back to normal. I don't know if it's related to the klif.sys file or not. Updates would be nice every week or so. If possible.
  10. I would like to add that I am a proud parent of the new FIXED copy of KAV 621. The fix works very well. Sobko, make sure this gets in all subsequent versions of Kaspersky. Can you post here when a new version is available that includes your fix? Thank you for your hard work.
  11. Ok, is this fixed? I've been away on business and haven't had the time to check out the forums. Sobko, will there be an official fix for this or will we need to apply your special patch to a very specific version of Kaspersky, 621? Thanks for the work on this.
  12. Sorry for the long delay in responding. I have been very, very busy. Like others have said, I have 3 main computers networked through a router but they are stand alone machines with each having a copy of KAV on them. There is no "SERVER" per se. They all share files but if you copy 16K+ files from C drive to D drive, where C and D are 2 different SATA drives on the same machine or 2 different partitions on the same SATA drive, the problem still occures. It doesn't matter where the copy is from, network share or local. I don't think it's related to the machine but with Vista instead. So, chipset and hardware has no input into this problem. I do think that it is entirely Kaspersky's fault. Thank you Sobko for admitting that you also think the same. I wish I had the time to help on this matter but I have a product to finish and publish. Sobko, if there is anything you need just email me. I will provide help that way but spending time in these forums will take up my time too much. Sorry.
  13. Sobko, any word from MS or are you waiting June 2-8 to talk to the Kernel Team? Also, You really need to put something on the website regarding this Vista incompatability.
  14. Just letting everyone know that it looks like things are rolling on.
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