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  1. Thankyou so much, I will do it right now. I tried it but not in safe mode.
  2. I am almost crying here, I cannot uninstall Kaspersky 2011 Internet Security, I cant reinstall it either, I am getting this message and its driving me crazy. I am begging for help here. Please if there is a clean uninstall of this product , let me know, or a way to reinstall it. Thank you for your help . I need to get this done. Again, I was up for the last 24 hours with this problem, so if I sound a little over baked, please try and understand, Thanks Alan Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. Just let KIS delete the vulnerable file and and Shockwave will be fine and so will KIS. Just forget about Netscape.
  4. Hi , I am running KIS 2011 and getting a false positive on on a .exe program I have been using for years. I contacted the author and he said he has made no changes that would affect this. I have gone back to an earlier version and it installs fine. I want to put DVD FAB.exe in a White list of Trusted Programs, that will not get scanned on installation. Is this possible? Other A/V have also reported this and it was reported to them and they fixed the false positive with an update to the database. Can someone guide me in this process?
  5. I thought KIS was only avaiable in 3 users. I guess different countys , different deals.
  6. Hi recon, I have over 3mbs downloaded even though it keeps starting over at 46% , I am wondering if these files are corrrupted?
  7. Thanks Lucian, I will wait, I have been a Kaspersky user for many years and they never let me down, as long as KIS 2010 works with Office 2007 I am good to go. Like I said I have over 270 days left on my license so it should be fixed by then. Thanks for your input.
  8. Thanks for the advice Jack, but Outlook is working but there is just no Kaspersky in it, they did something to the 2010 Version of Office that eliminates Kaspersky scanning the e-mails or Kaspersky did something in 2011 V that doesnt allow Outlook to use it. I reinstalled Office 2007 and Kaspersky 2010 and all is well until the boys get this resolved. I am a patient man, I still have 273 days on my licence so if its not done by then, I will just use Eset on my next purchace.
  9. Thanks, I didnt notice that there was a thread on this topic already. Its really ashame to see it go, I just spent alot of money on Office 2010 and Kaspersky doesnt work in Outlook at all in that program, I wish they wouldnt take things away that people really use. I have been a Kaspersky supporter for many years and I am sorry to see this function lost. Thanks again for your help.
  10. I am running Outlook 2007 and have installed the new Kaspersky 2011 and I cannot find the setting to enable the Preview Window. Can you help me please. OS is Windows 7 64bit Ultimate. I am uploading the preview window from Kaspersky 2010 so you know what I mean.
  11. I deleted Office 2010 Ultimate until a fix can be found and when I reinstalled Office 2007 it still doesnt work now. Not happy, no box with incoming e-mails like there used to be.
  12. Hi Lucuan, I am an MSDN subscriber and Office 2010 is available now. But I had no idea that Kaspersky was also going to release something for this to work by June 15th, thanks for the info.
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