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  1. Adding in updater.xml and list to updater.ini file worked for me. For 2016 also, we did the same process as suggested https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=343298.
  2. We do not have gui-- Using Centos 7 Core. Want to get updates for 2017 version.
  3. Changed to default and set again, but not working.... I see that Schedule [shedulerSettings] LastUpdate="@Variant(\x10%\x7f\x16\x1\xc0;\x9c\xff)" ShedulerType=2 PeriodValue=1 UseTime=true Time=@Variant(\xf) Monday=true Tuesday=false Wednesday=false Thursday=false Friday=false Saturday=false Sunday=false false except Monday
  4. Drive D: is CD Drive and we can see Update Utility downloading updates successfully in drive E:/ and working properly. And I have no any settings for drive D:/
  5. Hello, I have attached Updater.ini & report.txt. Thanks updateutility_win_3.1.0.25_release_en.zip
  6. Did as the article but Not working ! Also checked the report file. Thanks
  7. Hello, Anyone got solution for this issue? Having same problem !! Utility Version Thanks
  8. Hello, I tried but not success. Also tried in CentOs 7. Same error "Update Utility error: SystemException"
  9. You told & I tried, may be it support or not that version. Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks
  10. Hello, I tried in Ubuntu 12.04. Here received no error & nor any report/trace log is generated. I have attached the updater.ini Utility version updateutility 3.1.0-25 Waiting for your reply updater.zip
  11. Hello, I tried installing on both Ubuntu & CentOS. Get the same error "Update Utility error: System Exception" And when I checked the trace.log, get the below msg. [04:21:38.597] 0xffffffffb77fe6d0 UpUt UpdateProcessor() ResultCodeException - Can't get IServiceHolder: ResultCodeInfo: 0x8000004c (Not found). At /tmp/tfs-build/150418.233417.1584502696/updateutility/updateutility/UpdaterFramework/Sdk/UpdateProcessor.cpp(185) Using the latest Updater Utility 3.1.0-25 Centos Version 6.0 Ubuntu 14.04 Thanks
  12. ./UpdateUtility-Console: error while loading shared libraries: libQtCore.so.4: annot open shared object file: No such file or directory Update Utility Error: System Exception in Ubuntu Using Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0 via console
  13. KSOS v.2 installed in 5 workstation & 1 server, remote controll is not allowed. Neither from Server nor from client. Firewall is disabled in server & workstations. & also putting the network in local or trusted zone not working. They are in different subnets.
  14. 32-bit 2008 Data Center not supported....
  15. Find the GSI. Not working using klsrvswch.exe utility with domain administrator too. GetSystemInfo_BOU2_Administrator_2011_09_21_13_46_53.zip
  16. Can I use KSOS v1 license in v2? Does it work?
  17. As you told, I run klsrvswch.exe and swithc to domain\administrator with domain pwd. However I will try again in next. FYI I'm getting such same error in 8/9 slave servers.
  18. GSI GetSystemInfo_KKV6_Administrator_2011_09_15_16_33_03.zip
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