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  1. Hello, thanks for your reply. I see. Well, as far as I am concerned, it's a little bit surprising. On the one hand it has been included for quite a while, on the other hand it was still present in the former release of SP3 Beta. Is it possible to give us some background info why it is excluded now? Kind regards
  2. Hi, when installing KSC the option for automatic installation of MS SQL server is missing. A pre-installed SQL server seems to be mandatory. After choosing MS SQL server during setup the installation wizzard ask for specifying the address of an already installed SQL server in the next step: When having a look to the extracted installer folder structure it can be noticed that "SQLExpress" folder is missing now: Is this intended? Kind regards!
  3. Hi all, when clicking on the help icon (circle with question mark) I won't get help. Instead, the gui is minimized. Thanks!
  4. Hello Kirill, thanks for your reply. The files can be downloaded here FYI: Tracing was started before shutdown. With tracing active the VM didn't shut down properly. So, after waiting some minutes shutdown was forced. After reboot the dumps were created. After that I disabled tracing. Kind regards
  5. Hello, since today I get a pop-up with the message previous application startup failed (s. screenshot). It seems that it appears after every reboot now. Regarding recent changes this Windows 10 VM is now running in VMware Workstation 14. Previously used was version 12. VMware tools ware also upgraded. Some dumps were uploaded via file sent function (s. screenshot). Kind regards
  6. Hi, I did an upgrade installation with a MR4 patch package on a system with active FDE. Here are the main steps done: - Windows 7 x64 System with KES and FDE - Created MR4 patch package in KSC 10 SP2 MR1 - Installed MR4 patch package using a KSC task - After that the hint for the required restart was shown - Restart of the system - Due to used FDE, a pop-up window appeard, showing that another restart is required checking FDE compatibility of the updates to be installed (s. screenshot) - restart was done, everything works fine Kind regards
  7. Hello, compared to version 8 commands kav4fs-control --import-settings and --export-settings are missing. Is it planed to add them? There are some scenarios where they have been useful, e. g.: - check settings when not having access to KSC or GUI - import settings directly after installation or when not using KSC - troubleshooting: e. g. check if local settings match settings given by policy - ... Thank you!
  8. Hello, thanks for the hint. I thought there'd be one or two month left till support status change. Anyway, I upggraded KSC to SP2. I deleated the client from managed computer group and from unassigned computers. After reconnection it was moved to its appropriate group and a detection of eicar virus was initiated. In the report the mentioned columns still show N/A as status (s. attachment). Thank you! 05_Virenbericht_n_a_KSC10SP2.zip
  9. I'm having the same issue. Testing was done just with eicar test virus and KSC 10.2.434(e). Screenshots and some more information would be available in INC000007371804. Thank you.
  10. Hi, I tried to get the info about the installed version. With kav4fs-control --app-info you get the following output: ./kav4fs-control --app-info Name : Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Linux (beta) License status : Valid License expiration date : 2017-02-06 Backup state : No objects in backup Backup space usage : Backup size is unlimited Scan_My_Computer last run date : Never run Anti-virus databases loaded : Yes Anti-virus databases date : 2017-02-02 08:27:00 Anti-virus databases records : 8932547 Protection status : OAS enabled KSN state : Off Within version 8 this information was shown: ./kav4fs-control -S --app-info Name: Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux File Server Version: Install date: 2016-09-20 13:31:25 License state: Installed License expire date: 2017-12-24 Is it possible to query this info with another command? Thanks!
  11. Hello Kirill, is it possible to sent me these information too? It'd be very usefull. Thanks!
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