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  1. I love KIS 2010 and 2011 beta. I used to be a ZoneAlarm guy but once I discovered Kaspersky, have been a loyal user. I am really at a loss as to why any company, especially one with their reputation, would allow such a minor problem to tarnish their name. But, like with a bad girlfriend (or boyfriend, I guess), you patiently try but when no resolution is forthcoming... hit the road!
  2. Hi there, rlum. Stop torturing yourself with this problem. It is very clear that Kaspersky has decided not to support this product and are probably waiting for those of us who "complain" to simply go away! I have "gone away" to RoboForm which has worked perfectly. It does have a toolbar but it can be removed and/or customized to your heart's content. I highly recommend it. I wish I could find a good replacement for KIS 2010, too; then I would also drop that for a year-or-so, just to vote my displeasure with Kaspersky by taking my few bucks away. If enough of us do just that, then they will get over their arrogant disregard for the individual consumer. Best of luck to All. --- JMJ
  3. I have given up on trying to make Kapsersky Password Manager behave as advertised. It seems that successively new Security Software companies rise to the top and then stumble and fall to second or third... or fifteenth place just because of unresolved issues like ours. Kaspersky has risen and, in my opinion, is now falling. I like the company and have enjoyed and trusted its products for several years. But, now,I think it is time to move on to the newest Best-in-Class company. I will continue to check this forum to see what is new, with the hope that Kaspersky can win back my confidence AND money. Good luck, especially to Howard-Moore and RLum, who should expect to receive private messages from me, soon if not immediately. Ciao! :hi:
  4. Greetings. Another possible work-around while we wait for a real fix from Kaspersky: If your browser/tab freezes, use KPM to log in AGAIN to the last tab it populated before the freeze. You can then close that tab/window and continue browsing without having to use Task Manager, etc. I have only tried this with IE8. Also, Vista/IE8 doen not list Password Manager as an add-on or extension in my list of "Manage Addons". Does anyone have any idea why not? Thanks for any suggestions. --- JMJ
  5. Thank you both Howard-Moore and RLum . Ending the IE process with Task Manager has always been an option but disabling the add-on is a new idea for me. I find that the last tab opened and then populated by KPM is the problem. Usually, I can actually continue to access other opened tabs and open new ones. I have such a high regard for Kaspersky and am, therefore, very surprised and disappointed that they have let this problem remain unresolved for so long. And, unlike you H-M, they were anything but helpful when I spent nearly an hour in a chat session with one of their very pleasant Support Reps. I am using a trial version of Password Manager. So, if the problem is not resolved in the next 7 - 10 days, I will go with RoboForm and be done with this. :dash1: Will share any info I get concerning our problem. Thanks again. :bt: --- JMJ
  6. Oops! Did I make a wrong turn? Thanks AVPERSO and BERNY for pointing me in the right direction. :bt: ---JMJ
  7. Greetings. Has this problem been resolved? If so, where can I learn how? I am having the same issue with Vista Ultimate 32bit and IE8 on a well-configured and well-maintained laptop. Where can I go for more information if this forum thread is inactive?
  8. Greetings All. I am experiencing freezes in IE8 when multiple tabs are opened and Password Manager has filled in log-on info for one or more of them. Especially the last opened Tab. Have cleared browser's cache, double checked add-on's, etc. I have even re-installed the Manager but random crashes still occur. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!
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