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  1. Hi All, please help me, after Upgrade KSC 10.1.249 to KSC 10.4.343 Manage KSV Light Agent but can't detect policy.. any advice attach file, Thanks
  2. Hi All, where to get source installer web console, because i no see from this link ? Thanks
  3. Hi All, please help me, now install (MR3) on Windows 7 Professional, i have application via browser (if system watcher is off) success open application but if system wacther On, i can't open application please workaround attach GSI
  4. Hi All, please info about device control using policy connected Active Directory, if try using account success but using group AD policy not synchronize Please advice Thanks
  5. using versi
  6. Hi All, please help me, how Exclusion and trusted zone by name application without full path example picture below Thanks.
  7. hi All, please help me why update wsus failed "I/o error 1182/0x0 ('Unspecified error') occurred while working with file ''." i use KSC 10.4.343 please advice thanks
  8. Hi All, please confirm kaspersky can't detect CVE-2011-1268 please advice thanks
  9. Hi All, Please solution.. now we still many customer use Operating system xp sp2, vista and ram 512 Mb, we hope full with kaspersky, but if kaspersky not support we use another anti-virus, Thanks
  10. KSMG,i now add scrips for close relay smtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_sasl_authenticated, reject_unauth_destination smtpd_delay_reject = yes smtpd_sasl_auth_enabled = yes now problem solving, but where the feature to configure the "close relay or Not an open relay." in the web interface Kaspersky secure email gateway Thanks
  11. Hi All, How Close Relay in KSMG (Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway) Please advice Thanks
  12. Hi All, Kaspersky Security for Windows Server 10, how to protection with password if exit, remove and modification Thanks?
  13. Hi All, l has install KLMS (Kaspersky Linux Mail Security) how to active this guide to KLMS Please Advice Thanks Amting
  14. hi All, after uninstall network agent and now in Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features, No list kaspersky security network agent i try install new install network agent 10.2.434 or 10.3.407 appear error "failed to identify the status of the installed application definitley remove the application manually or use an uninstaller." i try tool kavremover and tool klngntcl, NagentNTCleaner and cleaner.exe same error now i try clean registry same error if install Note, error install win 10 please advice
  15. Hi.. please help me, i still confused about "Authentications violations" Thanks