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  1. This is along the lines of what I am talking about. It may help with what you are attempting to do... @echo off del /Q %Temp%\profile_source.txt :: Changing working folder back to current directory. %~d0 CD %~dp0 REM Folder changed setLocal EnableDelayedExpansion :: Get list of user folders. dir /B "%systemdrive%\Users\*" > %Temp%\profile_source.txt :: Load user folder names into string array. set N=0 set v=0 for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%a in (%Temp%\profile_source.txt) do ( set /a N+=1 set v!N!=%%a ) :: Start of loop. set y=0 :topit1 set /a y+=1 if %y% gtr %N% goto hi0bokx call set instruct=%%v%y%%% :: strip any spaces from end of folder name. set instruct=%instruct%## set instruct=%instruct: ##=##% set instruct=%instruct: ##=##% set instruct=%instruct: ##=##% set instruct=%instruct: ##=##% set instruct=%instruct: ##=##% set instruct=%instruct:##=% if "%instruct%" == "" goto hi0bokx ECHO. echo Located user: %instruct% if exist "%systemdrive%\Users\%instruct%\AppData\Roaming\adobe\acrobat\dc\security" copy /y "\\server\share$\pdf\adobe reader\addressbook.acrodata" "%systemdrive%\Users\%instruct%\AppData\Roaming\adobe\acrobat\dc\security\" goto topit1 :: -------------------------------------------------------- :hi0bokx
  2. "%appdata%" is the application folder of the user who executed the command. If you remote deploy a batch file, it is going to execute as a user caller "SYSTEM", this user is even higher than Administrator. I'm not even sure the SYSTEM user even has an appdata folder, in either case, it is not going to find the correct folder. This is the same for if you use KSC to deploy it, or Windows group policy, or pcexec command or whatever. If you want to do it properly, your best to write a batch file that makes a list of all the users (by making a list of the "C:\Users" directory), then a loop that calls each users appdata folder directly using the list. That way it will also cover if there are multiple users on the target computer. That's a lot more scripting and I'm pretty sure it's well beyond the scope of this forum. It is actually possible to do though, just more mucking about.
  3. I found that it works in Opera browser. So no problem now. I am happy to use that browser.
  4. On KES Cloud, when I select to open any businesses I have added, it redirects to "Page not found". Even after adding a new business to the list. It is not my location (Australia) because it works for someone else's account/login in the same building as me. Also, if I select "Forgot my password" from the sign in window, it sends me an email with a link. The link goes to a webpage stating "Server Error in '/' Application." Have tried different web browsers. Any idea's?
  5. The problem is still there. https://s059.cloud.kaspersky.com:8080/login?locale=en Two existing ID's... ID: 05271a6d-3e41-44fb-811f-806eeb6c203c ID: 9fb291e4-f005-46d4-9882-347186c6a949 And a new ID I have just created now... ID: 4740291f-c89f-4de8-bf16-fdd6956e8696
  6. Check out the patch available on this web page... http://support.kaspersky.com/12662
  7. Go to www.kaspersky.com Choose "trials and updates" Then choose "product updates" From there you can choose which Kaspersky programme that you need to download.
  8. Can i add this little suggestion? I'm fairly certain you still have traces of Norton security software settigns on there. Especially after looking through the Windows error logs in your GetSystemInfo report. Can I suggest you run the Norton Removal Tool to make sure (if you had not already that is). It's on their support page... https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/cu...e_en_us?src=nrt Even if it does not solve the update issue. It may improve system performance at least. And that can only be a good thing.
  9. Are you using the rescue disk because you have a virus clearly appearing on the screen? Or are you using it because you have trouble with your computer and using the rescue disk to find out if it is caused by a virus and not a computer fault? What exactly, in detail, was you computer doing or not doing that prompted you to use the rescue disk?
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