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  1. Hi Rich - I've managed to get KISS updated and seemingly working properly again. I believe the culprit was another app which blocks access to the internet for new programs without my granting access first. On a KISS update I think a new module was blocked. Anyway it seems to have completed the update just now. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hi Rich - I've attached the detailed upload file and here is the GetSystemInfo link : GetSystemInfo Here's the link : http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...98a7de3ff91222a Thank you Update_Details.txt
  3. Rich - Thank you for your suggestions. I'm attaching the update file you requested. Will this help or should I also run a GetSystemInfo report? I'm not a gamer, my license is good for 265 days, I did shutdown and reboot and I'm on a desktop. It appears the application gets updated but the alert never goes away? The "not all components updated" started about a week ago. Perhaps I should uninstall then reinstall KISS? Thank you Update_File.txt
  4. Hello - I've read other's posts about their update issues. My Kaspersky version on a Windows 8.1 computer says it needs updating. I click to update and see the progress of the new files being downloaded as usual but after the download is complete the application still says it needs updating. I've rebooted but that did not resolve the update alert. Is there an issue with the latest program update causing this problem?
  5. Hello - I'd try a System Restore to a point prior to the attempt to upgrade to KISS 2017. That should restore your registry as it was prior to the failed upgrade. This is only my opinion - a moderator might be more helpful.
  6. Will KISS 2017 or KISS 2016 work on an Acer with a AMD C-60 1.0GHz processor and 4GB of RAM on a Windows 7 64 bit OS? I'm thinking this little device needs something lighter. It came with a trial of McAfee and it runs it OK. Any experience or suggestions? I want security but I don't want it to use the scarce resources of this little device. Thanks, BillC
  7. Thank you for you experience on having the script injection off. My biggest concern was the banner ad blocking but the AdBlock add-on to browsers does a good job. May I also add there are many users like me who appreciate your generous service as a moderator. Thank you, Bill
  8. Rudger79 - That did the trick! My pages load as fast as they used to load with KISS 2016. There still something else going on because KISS 2016 injected the code on each page but still loaded quickly. I'm thinking it is some of the newer features in KISS 2017 which are causing my pages to load slower. I'm perfectly happy with the suggestion you offered that worked perfectly. Now I hope it does not nullify my important protection. Any thoughts? Thank you for your prompt solution. Have a great day. Bill
  9. KoJo - Thank you for your input. I did uninstall the Secure Connection but it made no difference. I use Astril as my private VPN and don't need another one. The KISS 2017 has more features than KISS 2016 and slows down my page loading. I'd prefer to use KISS 2016 - can you give me a download link for KISS 2016 please? Thank you, Bill
  10. Hello - This weekend I uninstalled KISS 16 to install KISS on my Windows 8.1 OS. After the new installation, my web pages don't open as fast as they did while using KISS 16. I don't use the Secure Connection function - I already have a great VPN. Will uninstalling Secure Connection help my speed even though I don't even use it? Anything else I can do to get my internet pages loading like they used to? Should I uninstall KISS 17 then reinstall KISS 16? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bill
  11. Thank you for your response. I've not put that IP in the trusted URL/IP configuration but I certainly can. The strange thing is this IP has not generated an alert sine the first two days it happened. I'm wondering if this has been "fixed" by an update to the program? More than anything I was just interested in knowing why any local network IP would be blocked. If more incidents occur, I'll report back. Thank you for your suggestion. Bill
  12. Greetings - In the past 24 hours, I've received alerts saying or have been blocked by Web Antivirus in Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 on a Windows 8.1. The address of is the IP for my printer. The alert repeats itself several times then stops. To my knowledge everything is operating properly. I've changed nothing - this is the first time I received the alert. I also received the same alert on my Lenovo "laplet". Can someone offer an idea as to why Kaspersky Web Antivirus thinks my printer IP is a phishing IP? Thank you, Bill
  13. Dear Santa Claus rudger79 - I'm most pleased to report the newly installed KIS 2016 is not acting up like my 2015 version. I can see the IP Cam with the Anti Banner function turned on. It works! Nice Christmas present. Being somewhat of a geek, my curiosity wants to know why I/we could not configure KIS 2015?! Perhaps the application got corrupt in some way? Oh well, the 2016 works. Thank you for your suggestion - it was something I thought of doing but being determined to configure version 2015 I postponed the upgrade. I like KIS 2016 better than KIS 2015 anyway. Many thanks to Berny as well. Hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas. Thank you, Bill
  14. When I try to upload the source code in a text file I get, "Error Upload failed. Please ask the administrator to check the settings and permissions" Are text files not allowed?
  15. Good day Berny - Thank you for your continued help and suggestions. I followed your instructions but still no luck. Every other function of the cam web site works like "tilt", "rotate", sound, etc. It is just the screen is black. It seems user "Husain" had a very similar problem here : Visit the Website In this case it was an ad inserted via a html link. I looked at the source code for the web cam page and I've attached a copy. I've added the URL (http://xx.xxx.xxx.xx) to the various trusted sites in particular Protection>Anti Banner>Add Banner URL Manually where I added the URL once like this : http://xx.xxx.xxx.xx and once like this : http://xx.xxx.xxx.xx/* - I saw that a "/*" was added to the end of the URL in Husain case. I was not sure if /* should be added so I did both ways to my trusted URLs. Still no joy. I noticed in Husain's case there was an add URL which was blocked by adding http://onceux.unicornmedia.com/now/*. The only URL's in my source code are "http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/index.html" and "http://ie.kis.scr.kaspersky-labs.com/1B74BD89-2A22-4B93-B451-1C9E1052A0EC/main.js" - Following Husain's solution should I add one or both of these to the "trusted" ip? If so, should they have /* on the end? I feel there should be a way of allowing the video stream if I could just find it. I'm open to any other suggestions but the work-around is not all that inconvenient. I can just disable the Anti Banner function, start my IP Cam web page and then enable Anti-Banner again. Or pause protection, open the IP Cam URL then turn Kaspersky back on. Your help is appreciated but I do not wish to occupy all of your time on this. If we can not identify the setting, I'm good with the work around. Best regards, Bill I can't upload the text file - should I send it another way?
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