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  1. I'm also one of those users who'd like to get the latest version "yesterday". But, for all the complaints about 2014, is it a authorized d/l, since I don't see the link? We're told to wait till 2014 makes it's way to our region. I'll wait, since I'd rather get a properly functioning security program, than find out the hard way something is wrong. I'd like to thank all those testers, who are finding problems, since 2013 is IMHO 99.99% bug free, and I'd rather have and use the current features. So lets not condemn those who want to be explores, even if they don't know that's who they are, Mindblower!
  2. Time and time again, several Kaspersky addons such as Safe Money, Virtuial Keyboard, Content Blocker are disabled. It happens almost regularly and I believe Kaspersky is slow with the updates. I can still access bank records, by clicking Safe Money, just don't have that added security and piece of mind, Mindblower! //Edit: Merged to the already existing topic that had sunk to the hopelessly irretrievable subabysmal Stygian depths of the middle of page 2.
  3. I stand corrected (sort of). I did experience a problem accessing one site, when both the Secure Data Input module and KeyScrambler were enabled. By turning KeyScambler OFF, the problem disappeared. Since there is a conflict at different sites, and KIS 2013 now able to scramble the keyboard, I'll uninstall KeyScrambler, Mindblower!
  4. Have not experienced any problems myself (as I've only used both programs two days now), Mindblower!
  5. With all the problems some users are reporting, I'd like to share my Successful NO problems installation. I already have KIS 2012 installed, running and connected to the Internet. Upon clicking the kis2013_13.0.1.14190EN_3458 file, the program presented me with several information screens while it installed itself. Did have to click several times to confirm, and immediately afterwards it did an update. All were done professionally, without any trouble, and the next day I did the same on another computer. Both times without a hitch. So for those having problems, I truly am sorry you experienced any problems. :dash1: To those who are wondering if a worry free installation is possible, I can honestly say YES, as I've managed to do so on two computers. I :bravo: the folks at Kaspersky for a fantastic install. BTW, the Safe Money feature was also a simple breeze to install and access. Well done, Mindblower!
  6. Was able to launch under KIS 2011, but KIS 2012 blocks the downloading of files, saying a trojan is detected. Is there a fix for this, Mindblower!
  7. I do not have this program on my computer, or in memory, or registery. What's the problem, Mindblower!
  8. To ivan_1. I'm sorry, but did you look at what your link provides? If so, kindly point me in the direction which shows the information I'm looking for, since I'm unable to find it on my own. Thank you, Mindblower!
  9. I'm trying out this new product, and would like to know the following; Cost (for one, for three), is there any local support (say within North America), and how can I purchase it? This product is so new, that the supplied links are out of date. Can you shed some light, Mindblower!
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