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  1. That's not a fix it disable the safe money feature this problem need this be adressed by kaspersky, as it occur when you have chromecast devices.
  2. Could the problem be caused by chromecast i noticed if i click Disconnect on all the invalid certificates chrome detect no chromecast devices
  3. Settings > Additional > Network > Do not scan encrypted connections, yes this does fix the problem but i now cannot use safe money Yes right when i lauch the chrome browser, and does it randomly after a while too i disabled all my chrome extentions and i sadly still get the error notifications i tryed to clean install both chrome & kaspersky with no sucess
  4. ============================================================ The issue occurs due to a self-signed certificate connection. You can read more about the nature of certificate warnings here: https://support.kaspersky.com/12489#block3 Temporary workaround: 1. Open main Kaspersky window - More tools - My network - Network monitor; 2. Sort the table by Port. 3. Find the port 8009 and note down the local IP address used by it (like 192.168.x.x). There can be several IP addresses. 4. Afterwards open Kaspersky Settings - Additional - Threat and exclusions - Specify trusted applications - Add - click on the search icon in the upper right corner - type Chrome - double click on Google Chrome below in search results; 5. Tick the "Do not scan all traffic" and select "Do not scan encrypted traffic"; 6. Tick on "Only for specified IP addresses" - enter the IP address from step 3. 7. Tick on "Only for specified ports" - 8009 8. Click Save. Restart the product, restart Chrome and check the issue. If the issue remains, please check the following: in the exclusion settings for Google Chrome untick the option "Only for specified ports", restart the product, restart the browser and check again. If the issue is resolved with the option "Only for specified ports" disabled, this means a different from 8009 port is used. If the issue persists please collect traces: https://support.kaspersky.com/us/14550#block1 - enable traces - exit product via right click on the systray icon - start product again - restart Google Chrome to reproduce the issue - stop tracing - send the logs to technical support (https://help.kaspersky.com/KPC/1.0/en-US/101731.htm) Additionally please send the incident number to Mefodys or Igor Kurzin. ============================================================ Hello, since 2-3 days every time i open chrome and browse to random secure well known websites (google, hotmail, etcs) i get multiple auth certificate errors i have no idea how to fix this i been using kaspersky for 5-6 years and never got this problem, now it wont stop its very annoying i tryed to clean my caches and do a clean reinstall with no sucesss. i also know you can set Additional-Network-Do Not Scan Network but i feel there is something not right.
  5. i have a question about virus signatures i got two pc one running kaspersky 2012 IS and one running kaspersky 2013 IS the signature database for 2012 is 12 millions and the total signatures for 2013 is 7 millions why ?
  6. hello, i was wondering how to block an IP range (ie: 66.235.142.xxx) with kaspersky, the only way i found to block a single IP is firewall -> settings -> packet rules -> add -> blocked /w addresses from the list thank you
  7. ah merci c'est la faute a ma mere :b_lol1: tout fonctionne vive kaspersky
  8. merci pour la reponse rapide Eurnet, vue que le GSi semblait plus long jai passer par l'étape 2 j'ai suivie toute les directive (deactiver auto defense, le fermé et ensuite effacer le fichier "Klava"' mais malheurement sa na pas fonctionner (toujour l'erreur 85DC0034) et maintenant sa me dit que la base de donner est obselete Voici le rapport GSI http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...c577de6b65a4e65
  9. bonjour depuis 3 jours ma version Kis 2012 v12.0.0.374 (avec clef de 30 jours) me donne une erreur quand jesseye d'updater (avant sa toute allait bien) Error code: 85DC0034 2012-03-27 11:13:02 OS: Windows XP 2002 merci
  10. bonjour, petite question par rapport avec kaspersky internet security 2012 ( et Zemana AntiLogger c'est deux program peut t'ils coopérer ensemble ? Zemana semble etre une protection efficase contre les trojans et autres que kaspersky na pas encore en database (dans la descriptons de Zemana il semble dire que kaspersky est compatible mais je voudrait avoir l'avis de quelqun d'ici) je demande pcq je veux pas mettre ma version de kaspersky obselete merci Jeff
  11. sucess i had to click ignore 4-5 times each time was for a different windows registry key but yeah it works lol i guess kaspersky team revieved my errors anyway if you want GetSystemInfo report ill more then happy to provide it to help other peoples thank you richburg jeff
  12. downloaded/extracted kavremover in C: loaded computer in safe mode did the All Known Products unistall reboot to normal, downloaded kaspersky 2012 IS from the source but i still get the same problem edit: oh wait now i have the option ignore and continue the kaspersky install (later today i didnt have this option) screenshot: http://i55.tinypic.com/1zlbprd.png should i click "Ignore" ?
  13. sorry but what activation code your reffering to ? thanks richburg always here to help
  14. thanks for your reply HomerGB i tryed doing the first step richburg told: "You need to change the owner for the klogon key and sub keys to your account name. Open regedit and navigate to that key, right click the key and select permissions, click advanced and go to the owner tab. Set yourself as owner and tick the replace owner on objects entry. Click ok and apply. Then click add in the permissions dialog and add "Everyone". Below tick the full control option under allow. " but nothing really happened look like the guy who had the same problem as me found himself or partially how to fix it but im not lol..
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