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  1. Thanks you, I didn't see anything.. it said no threats blocked but when looking at more details it seems it was the URL it blocked so I guess im all good thank you again :cb_punk:
  2. I had a pop up when I mistyped a website and it came up with a red notification as it blocked an attack but I would like to know what it was, I've been using kaspersky since forever and I've always been able to view detailed reports but it seems this total security 2016 won't let me any help is much appreciated
  3. here you go http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...52cbbf921557ab9
  4. lately my computer shuts down on its own and sometimes if im watching a video or just launch firefox it gets all choppy the audio then it crashes and bluescreens, also when i've tried doing a full scan it gets half way then blue screens, i don't know whats wrong ill make a systeminfo report if you guys want - thanks
  5. kaspersky keeps popping up with network essentials password protected no idea what it is I click on it when kaspersky notifies me and it just pops up with detailed report with nothing there
  6. I did a spybot search and it appeared up with Network essentials trojansc-05 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\classes\Interface\{FC856072-9CC4-4B33-8EBA-F62224A62A59} ive tried searching with kaspersky nothing tried trojan remover nothing tried hitman pro 3.5 nothing tried malwarebytes nothing any suggestions on what it could be?
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