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  1. So, randomly KAV has started to crash on me. KAV itself, the control panel still works, but the protection elements fail, and Vista reports the app crashed, KAV wants to upload a crashdump, and then the whole thing repeats... I've tried exiting KAV, but I still keep getting crash reports from Vista. Did kaspersky push a bad update? Any ideas how to shut this damn thing up, short of uninstalling? Here is the info from Vista: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: avp.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 488f426e Fault Module Name: ndetect.ppl Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 488f4346 Exception Offset: 00003841 Exception Code: c0000409 Exception Data: 00000000 OS Version: 6.0.6001. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: fb08 Additional Information 2: abdffaabc732d82f4a5520a069d1b645 Additional Information 3: c4ec Additional Information 4: ad019c8cf6eb06700d6dbdd66ec2db83
  2. Seemingly, they all do. At first I did this, and web AV did it. Later, with Web AV paused, I got more slowdowns. Paused the firewall, that seemed to fix it, and so on. The ONLY component I can run that doesn't cause issues is the file AV...all others cause trouble. When I go to pause them, I get a message box asking me to confirm the pause, stating there are X number of open connections. Hitting OK here suddenly makes the page load fine. Next page might be a problem, so pause another component, confirm at the dialog and so on... I don't run spam filter, didn't install parental stuff. Thanks.
  3. Attached, and I submitted by the form linked in your signature as well. sysinfo.zip
  4. Those settings were done by default.... Even having Web AV on minimum protection/maximum speed causes a massive slowdown.
  5. Does this also address the slowdown that kaspersky is causing while browsing the internet (doesn't look like it)...
  6. So I left my computer on last night...and so it was scanning something...no clue what. But is was using 2 GB of RAM. Finally killed the AVP process, RAM usage dropped by 2 GB. Now I try to use the internet - any content other than text takes minutes to load - a gallery page with 25 thumbnails mightt ake 5 full minutes to fully load. Pause KIS will its trying to load, boom, suddenly loaded. I'm running Vista 64 bit, I HAD kaspersky installed when this was a fresh vista install 2 months ago, but since kaspersky caused the issue with file transfers and running out of memory, I removed KIS...now I reinstall 2 months later, and it makes me feel like i am on dial up, and probably still causes the file transfer problem (any word on that?) Any idea what is causing this massive slowdown? It is the web AV causing it, it would seem. Thanks.
  7. Well, I'll give a uninstall/reinstall a shot, then let it update. I'm rather annoyed that the QA people didn't catch this, and that no one was kind enough to send an email/post a announcement.
  8. That's just it. I can't. I can't do ANYTHING with KIS enabled. The second it opens, I get massive slowdown, cannot even alt-ctrl-del. Button clicks are not realized till a minute later, if not more....and this is on a quad core - KIS eats one of my cores, but the other four are idling. I'm guessing uninstalling/reinstalling is a temp fix, till it pulls whatever update did this again.
  9. Clean install of Vista as well as a clean install of KIS. No other AV or firewall software, save that which comes integrated with Vista. To all others...go into safe mode via F8, stop Kaspersky from starting with the computer. If this is a bad update, Kaspersky needs some new QA people...
  10. KIS was working GREAT until a few hours ago...then I went to burn off a DVD, and I lost complete control of my system. I allowed it to run in this state as I was still seeing HD access and burner acitivty, and Nero seemed to complete the burn OK, but I have yet to check if the burn is good. Anyway, I had to hard restart, and on startup, kaspersky asks me to submit logs because it encountered a problem....forget the fact that I cannot even click send, because Kaspersky has locked my system up. So, every time I started, KIS would lock up when it ran update. Only solution was to keep it from startup up at all. Any ideas? Where would I find the log files it wanted to send? Using Vista 64bit.
  11. Well, I just did a fresh install of the AV components only, and installed the ZoneAlarm firewall...thus far, I've had no issues with it, other than that its prompting me for everything...even Visual Studio debugging stuff... Thanks for all the help guys, I appreciate it.
  12. Sorry to keep posting...but Set packet filtering rules for CS. No good.... Set packet filtering rules to allow everything. No good... Any way I can get a partial refund on this (IE - get my key downgraded from KIS to KAV?)
  13. Turning off everything except AH - lag. Turning AH to any level, lag....except allow all, which works fine...
  14. OK..still lagging terribly in CS...I made sure to add steam and HL2.exe (the CStrike HL2.exe) with all the rules set individually, added to trusted zone so it'd ignore these apps totally...and STILL....I lag. I then set the firewall to low security, still lagged. The in game motion of other characters seems very jerky, and like I noted before, my ping spikes. I also set AH to allow loopback UDP and TCP activity. I'll try to find what ports CS uses next and open them up outbound...
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