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  1. Hi, The "green" icon desappear from my Firefox last version 64-bit I uninstall the KIS e reinstall without soluction I made a flash Firefox installation too Any idea? Jorge Mandoju Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  2. Hi, my soluction was, power off > power on in Live Tim modem and testing after the find a IP working! In your case is more simple, uninstall teh KIS and install again, savin the licence, will be work
  3. Hi, I found the problemm but no soluction The updates was worked very well for long years. After a my internet ISP (Live TIM) send a upgrade for modem, the hell are installed here! I change the update source for was worse the updates download fast and have "Connection problemm message" I set for no use proxy too. I made a "clean install" for Windows Seven 32 bits, same problemm. I send my computer for my other house with another ISP "Net Virtual". I unistalled the KIS 2017 and amke a new install with "default" setings. The updates work fine! I back with the computer for the house with "Live TIM" ISP the updates problemm go back! My questions... - Is possible to dowload the updates manualy? - Any port was closed in my ISP? Thanks for reply... Jorge Mandoju Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  4. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...d9fc086f16a594d Report.txt
  5. Hi, My KIS 2017 today are with problems in updates . The download is very slow, after completes appear the message "Database are out of date". I unstalled and make a new install sma problemm is two differents machines one with Wi7 32bits and another with Win10 64bits (( Thank for help... Jorge Rio de janeiro Brazil. :pray:
  6. Hi, Same issue in http://www.rzxarchive.co.uk/ if you try to download any file. Example... http://www.rzxarchive.co.uk/r/roadwars.rzx
  7. Hi, Yesterday i made upgrade for "B" version of the KIS, all be ok, but have a strange bug in Acrobat Reader XI last version 09, the up bar in Windows 7 desapear, only back if i press F9 and desappear again if the mouse pointer "pass" for up side . Check the picture... Jorge Mandoju Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  8. Olá, Tenho três licenças originais compradas aqui no Brasil para três anos, um dos micros queimou e foi encostado e não será mais usado, comprei outro que chega essa semana posso utilizar o código nesse micro novo já que o antigo foi para o "além"?
  9. Hi, Your soluction was perfect! The Kaspersky team solve the bug :cb_punk: All in peace in paradise, again :beer:
  10. I made download from KIS2013 same trouble is three diferents computers, is easy to comprobe making download this zip file and "scanning" you computer will be crazy... Really is one KIS bug! I think really in no renew my licences! http://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/binaries/cmp407a_32.zip Have another place to make this reclamation? One Direct e-mail per example?
  11. Hi, My KIS 2012 work like a charm :cb_punk: After i made upgrade for marvelous ROM renamer for MAME, CLrMame plus for new version 4.07a the KIS is insane, the memory consuming and CPU use rise to "sky limits" :dash1: ... Using the old version all works fine, if i disable de KIS 2012 the programm works fine too.... I use the original DELL Windows Professiona 32bits wit 4M of the RAM. The home page for download for tests is... http://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/binaries/cmp407a_32.zip or install version http://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/binaries/cmp407a_32.exe Please fix this problemm, i love both Kaspersky and CLrMamepro :pray:
  12. Try to disable the Kaspersky URL Advisor and restart the Firefox the "blinking" stops! Make the test with this URL http://www.mopar.com/fiat/500/2012/?trim=331528
  13. Hi, The FA29.exe is not a suspect file this file is part from upgrade of the Cyberlink PowerDVD 9.5 original from Dell, check the picture :supercool: You have another idea about the annoying "blinking"?
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