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  1. See it has been released according the to beta forums is there a link to the installer? I've been for it to be released as it fixes a issue I have with KIS 2015.
  2. Hi I've noticed that Pure 2.0 doesn't disable windows firewall and also does not register with action centre in win 8 pro 64bit any way to fix this as its annoying as hell being told my firewalls disabled
  3. Hi i just noticed while defraging a large number of unmoveable files all in C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\ with these extentions *.svr *.wtb *.GUI what are using a total of 50gig hard drive space is it safe to delete these files?
  4. Im having a problem with PURE and IE8 when pure is running IE8 becomes extreamly slow and unresponsive soon as i exit pure IE8 runs perfect. anyone got any ideas on how to fix this? GSI log http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...2ad0a358e55f730
  5. OK well ive tried from the Global site and it works i get the discount. But im having issues with the store spain & Global and my visa card...
  6. Ok ive recently moved to Spain and im trying to renew my licence when i try from the Spanish site it gives me no option to migrate to pure like it does on the UK site also im having problems with the Spanish store. so can i use my spanish Credit cards to buy it from the UK store?
  7. works fine for me and has been for a long time check that you havent blocked the O&O service
  8. well ive been using kis for some time with a netgear router i havent ever had problems with them. im using a DG834G with the V4.01.20 firmware works perfect
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