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  1. Hello, So far, the colleague from the headquarters used KES 10 for client stations on the server. I have read that we should used KSWS.We have installed for test on one of the server with some modules. Only the Real Time File Protection module is currently running because of setting of policy. Servers are visualized but we do not have license for virtual machines version, hence we have to use the standard version. Servers that have KS4WS have the roles of File and Storage Services and Print Services. What modules should we run, but also not to kill the performance of the virtual machine? What are the recommendations?
  2. Hey, My user will have replace mainboard by HP service onsite. How it looks if i have FDE encryption. What is procedure? Should i decrypt before?
  3. Hello, I have one problem. When i try instal above agent version of Kaspersky i got information that " The later version of Network Agent ( 10.5.1781) is detected, but i have installed version 10.5.1781. Could you help me have i can resolve this problem
  4. Hello, We have KES 10. We would deploy DeviceControl, but i have one problem. We have some sites where are sub servers of central. We would like to on the top, in global policy of KSC, add devices to trust list and on sub tree Windows7-10 computers enable blocking devices. Problem is that that that on subfolder can't be use both policy. Only one policy of one version KES can be use on subtree. How can i solve it?
  5. No i don't have any SSO application on it. On this PC was HP Security ..., but was uninstalled before set encryption. Create a ticket for sent GSI report? I don't want to put it publicly on forum.
  6. At now i see when i left longer PC without press CTRL+ALT+DEL after full boot with authentication it will not use SSO. What is the time of it?
  7. It's clear, thank You. I made some test and this result: I created new AD user named user01 with password AAAA I created task on group of encrypted notebook to which add user01 and put password BBBB After success of start task i made restart When i try to login i use: user01 and password BBBB. Agent force me to change password so i change to CCCC After boot to windows login i could use to windows AAAA password from AD. After second restart i could use AAAA password and was SSO. In Task on machine i see it: But after next restart i put password in AuthAgent: AAAA and i don't have SSO. I have to put password after CTRL+ALT+DEL again. Next restart SSO works. What could be wrong? Should i set different, better settings?
  8. No, the passwords will be synchronized and after Auth. agent user will be logged in into system automatically. May i don't use it? How can i do this without changing password? You should challenge/response procedure at KSC.  Let me know about KB\manual for it, please Thank You.
  9. Before I received replay from You I started encryption. I will decrypt and try do it again after some test. At now i searching for answers: how can i set that Active Directory users who login was cashed on PC before encryption don't ask to change password. At now i have grey out on every users. They should use SSO, without change password on first time. Or suggestion of Kaspersky is to use different password at Authentication Agent login then in AD: How can i set user which will be for emergency situation to login on every encrypted PC when user is offline? Password policy
  10. No. I've uninstalled without module FDE and install with FDE.
  11. I had updated to and made pre check FDE on first notebook: I receive one issues as major issue. Is it ok? ------------ SUMMARY ------------- Found compatibility issues. ------------- ISSUES -------------- * [MAJOR] Found active KLFDE driver, version: 4
  12. Ok, i found it, but the is only Basic Installation and Standard installation. There is not possibility to select modules which i need add.
  13. One thing more. I have already deployed KES 11 without module FDE. Can i deploy it only it or reinstall whole app?
  14. * [MINOR] Third party credential provider found: File name: C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\\BtwCP.dll Company name: Broadcom Corporation. Product name: Bluetooth Software Product version: File description: BtwCP DLL * [MINOR] Third party credential provider found: File name: C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\BtwProximityCP.dll Company name: Broadcom Corporation. Product name: Bluetooth Software Product version: File description: BtwProximityCP DLL
  15. Yes. I understand as You wrote BTW: If i have only [MINOR] Issue in report. What does it mean? Mean: could make a problem or not?
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