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  1. ?! The performance issues are related to the games. I have no other performance problems with anything else so it makes no sense in uninstalling the games to check. Everything else is fine. Small games open quickly. Big files are the problem.
  2. The game I start each time has been the only running program. In running processes, I have around 20-25 entries including all system processes which is no big deal. Even if I check now, idle process is jumping between 95% to 100% (KAVMain.exe 0%). When executing a game, KMS takes up over 95% processing power for over 4 minutes.
  3. Ok. I'll try that later. But even if the 1st scan takes over 4minutes, is that normal?
  4. Yes, I've tried re-installing. And yes, the games are in the SDcard which could cause it to be slow. But if I turn off KIS, I can execute them very quickly. Again, I want to stress that the 1st scan takes a long time. Then it's fine. After a soft-reset, it happens again.
  5. Well, I've been a long time user of Kaspersky Internet Security on my desktop but on my mobile, I used to use NetQin until I got KMS free with KIS in a recent purchase. So I guess comparing with past behavior isn't relevant. But no, with NetQin, this did not occur.
  6. Touch pro2 specs... CPU 528 MHZ (mostly remains idle) RAM 288 MB (about 50-55% being used on average) OS has already been posted...windows 6.5 The game is free so no question of it being cracked. If you are referring to other software - none of it is cracked. Infact most are free.
  7. Hello. My device is touch pro2, WM 6.5. I am using the latest version of KMS ( The issue I am having is that antivirus protection scanning makes executing/opening some files very time consuming. In particular, as I tapped on a game called 'xtrakt', it took ages to open. At first I thought my device hung but then I saw KAVMain.exe was eating up almost 100% of cpu power. I waited patiently for about 4 minutes before the game finally executed. If I exit then retry to open the game, it executes within a few moments. Initially, I didn't consider it as a problem as a one time long 1st scan is no big deal. But it happens everytime I soft-reset. I tested on other large games and the same thing happens. Is there any fix or any settings I can change? Is this a known issue?
  8. Whether it's needed: I personally don't think all those security programs are required. Whether it's ok: Still no. Spybot Search & Destroy is in the incompatible list.
  9. No problems here but spyware doctor is however in the incompatible list. Edit: Forgot to mention real time protection of spyware doctor is off.
  10. Ok, the restart might have been caused by some other reason then. If malware was found, it will always be moved to backup folder first. But your settings may be such that it will be automatically deleted in 1 day minimum. One thing I should've mentioned in earlier posts is that if your settings for scan are 'don't prompt, disinfect, delete if disinfection fails' then there will be no prompt. But if it is set to prompt you, there should be a popup in the middle of a scan to allow you to disinfect/delete the virus. If it is one of those malwares, after you click delete, the pc restarts without asking whether if you would like to do so. Once restarted, the scan continues. The bottom line is there is no need to be concerned if your pc has restarted automatically. It happens. Your full scan came out clean so no need to be worried. Your pc isn't restarting 10 times a day or KIS isn't crashing 10 times. It happened just once. Take it easy.
  11. Yes, I under the exact sequence. I'm telling you again. The computer restarts on its own when certain types of malware are found (to clean it up). There is no warning for that. Why is that not clear? The unexpected error is not related to malware activity. It may have occurred because you were supposed to restart in normal mode and not in safe mode to allow the scan to complete. By reports file, do you mean backup folder? If not, check it. The malware will be there unless settings are such that backups are deleted. Riskware invader warning sometimes comes for legitimate applications. So always check before denying. Anyway, that is unlikely to be related to the problem you're facing (that is no problem actually!). It may just be an odd occurance of KIS crashing. Nothing to be worried about. You should be worried only if it is repetitive.
  12. The error occured when you started in safe mode and were scanning the second time, right? When you were scanning the first time in normal mode, the computer restarted most likely (I say most likely because I don't know or can't see the exact circumstances) because one of those difficult malwares were detected. There is no popup asking whether 'Would you like special disinfection to proceed?' or 'The computer will be restarted'. It just happens automatically. Check your backup folder. You are most likely to find what has been deleted. However, I've never seen the message 'the computer has recovered from a bug check' although I have seen something like 'your computer has recovered from a fatal error' (which is infact not due to malware behavior). If indeed it was a recovery from bug check, I don't think there is any reason to be concerned. After a complete full scan with nothing detected, I'd feel pretty safe.
  13. Hello. I would assume you are relatively safe and there is no malware in your pc. Kaspersky uses special disinfection technology in case of some difficult to remove malware. If kaspersky detects such a malware, it says special disinfection procedure is required and to remove the malware immediately, it restarts even in the middle of a scan. When your pc retarted, the malware was removed and thats why later scans came out clean. Also you should've retarted in normal mode to allow the scan to continue from where it ended. You started in safe mode and that's probably why the program crashed.
  14. Don't rely on the finish time. It isn't accurate (and probably it's not possible to make it accurate). Happens with almost all software. Similar to when you're copying files from one place to another and it says xx minutes left but finishes in seconds. By the way, you should do what Don said, remove tick from 'concede resources to other applications'.
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