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  1. Hi is it ok to run acronis ransomware protection along side kaspersky total protection or will they clash thanks for any reply's before hand
  2. My Kaspersky Total Security is up for renewal when I click the link the site wants $69.99 which is £49.55,my licence is for 1 computer,I can get Total Security here http://store.computeractive.co.uk/p33625-k...device_3-device £29.99 for 3 devices ,Iam flabbergasted at the price difference,I have been with Kaspersky for years,I will let my licence run out then buy the one at £29.99,I am disappointed with Kaspersky to say the least. Signed dissatisfied customer :angry:
  3. Is there a new version of kaspersky pure coming out?,or do we upgrade to kaspersky total security?
  4. sorry about that,i am not that good on computers,is this any better http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...87f0825c6e830c4
  5. when doing a full scan it takes over 24 hours to do,it keeps going from 24 hour to 19 days! on time left,any help to make the full scan quicker? system info info
  6. Hi,just wondered if anybody had read this ~ just wondered what you think? edit: del unnecessary link.
  7. After using kaspersky pure 2 for a long time i upgraded to kaspersky pure 3,did a full scan no problems,i then thought i would double check with spybot,downloaded that and install it and did a scan,this is what spybot found BABYLON.TOOLBAR(adware),NETWORK ESSENTIALE(spybot said trogan),OPTIMUMINSTALLER (adware),SWEETIM(PUPSC),WAJAM (PUPSC),WIN32.2URFACE.BHO (malwareC),YONTOO.PAGERAGE(adwareC)how come kaspersky didnt pick them up?,and have i got anything to worry about?thanks for your time ian
  8. scanned at default settings it took 4 hours Visit My Website
  9. Hi guys,could anybody tell me whats the best scan settings for a full scan,mine seems to take ages,also the best settings for Critical areas scan and Vulnerability Scan while i am at it,thanks for your time
  10. Hi,my license runs out in 15 days,i bought kaspersky pure for 3pc of zavvi outlet for a very good price,my question is do i uninstall all of my kaspersky internet security(my licence etc)then do a clean install of pure ?,won't the pure have a license number with it?,thanks for your time ian
  11. Did a full system scan with my kaspersky internet security 2012 version a,it took nearly 5 hours and scanned over 1,000,000, files it found no threats but in the detailed report it said there where hidden objects,are these anything to be worried about,this is the systeminfo link, i dont know if i am doing the right thing as i am not that good with computers,this is the report,many thanks for your time guys http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...c8e4ea7fd63ace6 http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...c8e4ea7fd63ace6 edit: fix gsi link, maybe.
  12. i have got 20 days left on my license(kaspersky internet security 2012),i was thinking about upgrading to kaspersky pure for 3 pc,kaspersky want £44.99,i can get pure from pc world for £29.00 for 3 pc,i may as well uninstall my kaspersky and buy that one from pc world,my question is can i do that?,many thanks for your time guys
  13. THANKS GUYS,did clean install everything working ok,many thanks again
  14. Hi guys,my problem is every time i start my computer kaspersky loads and says Corrupted data base,this has happened 6 days on trot,i try and update same thing happens,it only works when i do a repair on it,date and time are ok,any help would be appreciated,should i do a clean install ?,if so how do i do a clean install?, ps its kaspersky internet security 2011 version
  15. when will kaspersky 2011 come out in the uk?,mine(2010) needs renewing in 24 days,i would sooner upgrade to 2011 if its out then
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