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  1. Hello, Okey so you mean I can still activate KIS2009 with the KIS2010 key. Do you mean KIS2009 wont be able to download updates? If this means that it will be a MUST for me to upgrade to KIS2010 then its not possible for me cause KIS2010 just does not run well with my PC I have tried it several times and KIS2011 is even heavier since this PC is kind of old. So what do you exactly mean that by Sep 1, 2010 KIS2009 is 'no longer supported'?
  2. Hello, My KIS2009 license is expiring in about a month, since the license available now in the store I buy from are KIS2010, would I be able to use this to resume/activate KIS2009? You see I dont like the auto rootkit scan in KIS2010, I'd rather have it in KIS2009 wherein the rootkit scan is only on demand. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, Add me to the list of people who experience this hopefully they find whats causing this. I suspect its something with the update since it takes too long compared with other AV so maybe bigger chance of corruption? but now I'm tired of uninstalling and reinstalling KIS so I'm just waiting for it to expire, THEN I'LL DECIDE!!!
  4. I had this similar prob before and this solved it: uninstall KAV Get into your BIOS and set to optimized or fail-safe defaults then reinstall KAV. Try it, don't forget to reset your first boot device to CD-ROM if needed.
  5. Thank you very much for the help antikythera. I decided to give KIS2009 another chance this time I'll try ver Recently upgraded to coz I had trouble with not finishing full scans(only happened last week, earlier it was ok)Now trouble with the auto rootkit scan in I just hope I don't have to add to this post and works fine the rest of the way.
  6. @antikythera - i see that you also use in desktops(Aopen ...?) so its possible with nothing adverse effects? I worry coz right now the PC with the NEWLY REPAIRED AND UPDATED Windows is operating like flawless! I wish I did not have to install any security app! One last thing I'd like to know - What should I do just in case I decide to transfer KIS to another of our computers?(is it possible/allowed?) and How do I erase all traces of KIS including the activation data which I had left. I tried to find directions about this in Kaspersky website but I can't find it. Thanks a lot for responding and looking forward to your next response which is most important. If anyone else knows info on my questions your answer is most welcome.
  7. Hello, I've decided to uninstall KIS2010 but then the PC still did not feel right which could mean that windows itself was damaged when this hangup happened so now I'm replying here from another PC since I decided to repair Windows in the damaged PC(BIG,BIG inconvenience). Since I decided to leave the activation data when uninstalling KIS2010 I think it would be better if I reverted to KIS2009 - which does not have the automatic realtime rootkit scan(or does it?). Whizard or any other mods, Please let me know what the updates are for version over the original version in my CD. I can't seem to find an update history in Kaspersky website. I'd like to know whether to install or Please help guys I already had big unpleasant, inconvenient experience and your help would really be appreciated.
  8. I've just noticed that my PCs sound was also affected by this incident. Now the windows startup music sounds broken and when I use Media Player the music at times crackles. This is terrible. I'de just like to confirm from you Whizard that what I can do is uninstall KIS 2010 then reinstall again, just like what I did before? What if I decide to transfer KIS2010 to another computer ,see this PC is for my personal use but we have other PCs here for rent, what do I do? Really big inconvenience I feel very disappointed
  9. Hello Whizard, I'm not sure what you mean by high I/O. Right now my PC does freeze, the mouse pointer kind of sticks intermittently. I see in Task Mgr that KIS2010 takes up lots of CPU power. This was not happening before the incident with the rootkit scan. I tried what you suggested to get a support ticket. When I was getting a 'Customer ID' it said that - getting a customer key is no longer supported, contact your local distributor'?(or something like that). The local distributor here is ISecure Networks Inc. and they are very far from where I am I will e-mail them, I just don't know if they will respond. Meanwhile, I could try to 'Repair' the KIS2010 installation. Since my original CD is KIS2009 and I just have a downloaded .exe file of KIS2010, how do I repair KIS2010?
  10. @Jon Kean - the gaming profile WAS enabled. That's another suggestion that while gaming rootkit scan MUST be disabled. @antikythera - TY for the link.
  11. @Kingfran, the DVD already works, I think my case had nothing to do with MDI but thanks for the info. @antikythera, so its not possible to stop the rootkit scan in real time protection. I have to suggest they make it possible for users to turn off rootkit scanning in real time in an easy way coz it could be heavy on the PC and could cause hangs especially while ur playing a game. Even while browsing when that rootkit scan kicks in I can immediately feel the PC slowing down. Personally I think rootkit scanning should just be done manually. How and where can I open a support ticket?
  12. DVD is now detected. I ran chkdsk and it fixed some things. The game I was playing though cannot be recovered also had to reinstall the game. Right now PC sometimes momentarily freezes, its not like before. For sure that episode has damaged some files and I had just finished reinstalling Windows. Is there a way to stop rootkit scanning in the real time scan ?
  13. Hello, I recently upgraded from KIS2009 to KIS2010, I noticed that the 'rootkit scan' would just start randomly? and everytime it does it causes things to slow down a bit. Just today I was playing HPS Smolensk '41, it has to be played with a CD. I noticed it started to lag so looked what could be causing this and I see KIS2010 doing the random rootkit scan. Came to the point where the game hung so I had to stop the process thru Task Mgr. After this I noticed my system did not anymore recognize a DVD-ROM installed. This is a BIG inconvenience. I had already checked the connectors/hardware. Most probably this resulted in Windows being corrupted or something. Could anyone please tell me what exactly happened and how do I get back my system to detect the DVD-ROM.
  14. Oki 1,3 and 4 - are clear, 5,7 - is pending(great avz util in KIS2010! -wasn't this in KIS2009 or did i miss it?),6 - will do. 2 - Do you mean by clearing temp folders using Disk Cleanup or Ccleaner Utils? coz I have them and use them. If you mean 'manually' I don't know how to so could u pls giv a 'little' tutorial .
  15. Hey richbuff thanks a lot, wish I can be as good as you. GSI is a great tool! Heres the link to the GSI: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...2e7f8a48f6dceac As you will see the PC is an old second hand one. Could you please inform me, if in case the prob is not with KIS, then what should be fixed with the PC. Could it be hardware or maybe corrupted windows. Just in case the prob is not with KIS, what else can cause KIS to hang during Full Scan? What are the best and advanced tools other than chkdsk,defrag,sfc/scannow (I'm familiar with these and use them often) I could use to find out if this is the case? Very greatfull for your help
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