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  1. Where i saw the error logged it is a KES8 Ervin
  2. Hello there, how can i exclude the files to be not scanned i can exclude it by path and file name or i can exclude the extension? I got hundreds of errors from different places in my enviroment path exclusion it is not an option for me. By the way this needs to be done from the policy associated with the AV version? Because there i found only path exclusions. Thanks Ervin
  3. Hi Alexander i opened a ticket so i hope i will solve my issues there, as i said before my enviroment was KSC9 with Netagent9 + KES8 (before i had upgraded to KSC10 i had already this issue)i had upgraded all to KSC10 and on some groups i upgraded also Netagent to ver 10 and KES to ver 10 but the issues on the client machine's was still still there, what i had seen the KSC10 is downloading updates from the internet because the task is not failing. But on several clients the update task when running update deployment from the KSC is failing actually the task is running on the client machine but remains on 2% and after a while it is failing, if i on the client machine disable the policy and manually set to download the updates from Kaspersky internet servers the update is made succesfully. P.s. the errors are teh following: Event name Completed with error Severity: Error Application: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows Version number: Task name: Update Computer: *********** Group: Prod Time: Thursday, February 14, 2013 10:07:23 AM Name of virtual Server: Description: Connection failed, physical error Event name Error in interaction with Kaspersky Security Center Severity: Critical event Application: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows Version number: Task name: Update Computer: ********** Group: Prod Time: Thursday, February 14, 2013 10:08:18 AM Name of virtual Server: Description: Event type: Error in interaction with Kaspersky Security Center Result: Connection failed, physical error Object: Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server Object\Name: Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server Event name Task cannot be performed Severity: Error Application: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows Version number: Task name: Update Computer: *************** Group: Prod Time: Thursday, February 14, 2013 10:08:30 AM Name of virtual Server: Description: Event type: Task cannot be performed Result: Unable to start tasks Object: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Object\Name: SYSTEM Size: 2 GB Reason: Connection failed, physical error Thanks Ervin
  4. I got a verry big problem i can't update my clients from KSC on mannualy directly from the internet. What could be the problem the update task from the KSC starts and sits at 2% and i receive the error. Thanks
  5. i still got the same error at the moment it is written in the status "Connection failed, physical error"
  6. I update my current situation after a while the list of updates appeared in my repository: I tried to run manually an update task from my KSC10 what is affecting 1 of my client machine running WXP SP3 KES10 Netagent10 and update succeded and the status with database obsolate are gone also, i will try to update all of my machine now and will report back.
  7. Hello everyone, i had many problems with updates. I was able to update from the internet but not from the KSC server locally, i read somewhere that i could delete the local updates so i used directly the on the Updates folder the "Clear updates reposiroty" and my list of updates on the KLC is empty but when i run under the Administration Server Task the update task nothing happens after no update appears on my server i think this was causing the other problems and just check about more than 150+ computers were without current updates +2 months older virus signature presetn on them. i am using at the moment KSC10 and KES8.1 atm i use netagent 9 but need to fix the update issues and after i will update everything to the latest version. What should i check why no update is present in my repository? Thanks Ervin
  8. Yes i see exactly the same symptoms but these 2 servers are w2k and i am not doing any updates/patch on them and don't reboot them periodically but when the issue happens again i need to hard reboot it also and after it is working fine again. We are near of the weekend so i will try in Saturday night to reinstall the OS because it got only a simple file share it but many applications target this location so i will rebuild it with the same hostname + ip.
  9. Thanks for your feedback but i am not using diskeeper on my servers but as you told me diskeeper i had uninstalled Treesize from all the 2 servers because this was installed on all of the 2 servers. Maybe it is not related to it but who knows, but the symptoms are the same, i see only the blue background and cannot do anything the ip can be pinged but last time i was not able to open any file share from after forced power shutdown and restart my issue went away. You issue was recorded in the event logs? Thanks
  10. well i cant do anything when i press CTRL+ALT+DEL maybe after an our responds locally on remote control nothing, responds to the ping and i am able to open also sometimes the share on it but i think something kill the performance of it if i had tried to copy something from it it had some hopp's when he made 17MB at once and after cotinued with 90kbs but i had restarted at 7:30am and also now i am on it (6:37pm) but i am afraid to go home because i think in the night will go down i was thinking that also the patch thingy file is related to kaspersky the strange thing it is that no new updates are installed on it from MS (because does not exists) the only thing what i had requested was restart from Kaspersky and it was doing also updates on regular basis. Any idea?
  11. Hello everyone, i got a strange issue on 2 of my servers and i dont know what is causing this, yeah i know i shouldn't have still win2k server installed but at the moment there is no choice for a swap. From a month ago this 2 server 1 of them is hosting some files about 10GB and another 1 is print server, the first server is a DELL Poweredge 2850 and the second is a Poweredge 830. Suddenly this servers are blocking i am not able to remote control in nor to locally enter on it, i need to do a forced shutdown remotely, while this operation is to difficult to be done because IT support is 12 hour and production is working 24 more times i had verry big problems because of this and needed to come in the night. I was tried to investigate what was causing this without any success, i am checking at the moment the task manager where it is shown multiple instances of avp.exe and a file patch_9_2_69_na what i think is related to Kaspersky also. I had attached also a print screen, could someone help me to investigate what is happenening on this server? Thanks Ervin
  12. i got similar errors for other programs also but i can't understand what is triggering it this is my issue. Thanks
  13. Anyone can help with this issue please. Thanks
  14. I will i disable the policy and reenable it will it reset it back? Thanks
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