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  1. Thanks for the response. The provided link was the method i used to connect the ios device. I selected the "specify certificate through administration server tools" when connecting the ios device. Where can i found the certificate of the KSC web console? Do you think i need to install this cert to my web browser? Thank you.
  2. Hi, My problem is i can't install application from ksc (mobile apps packages) please refer to the image attached. package.png = package installer of .ipa file and publish via ksc web server error.txt = result of installation of application. right click on the device>>>all commands>>> install app>>> select the .ipa file package.
  3. Hi, Thank you for your response. Btw, I don't have any issue with the connection between KSC and the mobile device. I can fully managed the device. I can also, installed apps from the ksc to mobile device if there is an apple ID. Thank You.
  4. Seeking for your assistance for the installation of .ipa file from KSC. The application was developed by this company. They were able to deployed the application using their existing MDM. The application is not registered in itunes/apple and don't have an apple ID. 1. With MDM Server 2. Installed iOS MDM profile in 1 device (OK) 3. Installed Safe browser (OK) 4. Installed KSWC 5. Created package for .ipa via managed mobile app packages (Ok) 6. Tried to push install the said package. Please see attached event log from KSC. error.txt
  5. Hi, 1. I would like to ask if we can create a reports of Untrusted host blocking from KSC. 2. Does Untrusted host blocking of KSWS can be an alternative for network attack blocker of KES? Thank You.
  6. Hi i am using NComputing thin client..
  7. Hi, I would like to ask regarding with the licensing of KES that will be install on NComputing. Is it 1 license per machine, right? Thank You.
  8. Hi, Can someone give me a step by step instruction how to create containerization in kaspersky security for mobile 10. How to create containers for personal and corporate files. thank you in advanced.
  9. Hi i think you can reproduce it on your side without any information from me. Just block all site then allow 1 website (your choice of website). then try to browse the allowed site. I'm sure you can open the site but there will be no image display the same in my screenshot. Thank you.
  10. Hi, Here's my rule for allowed site (yahoo). The other one is when i try to browse yahoo. Thank You.
  11. Thanks sir i try to do it. and it's working. Thank You
  12. i don't understand. What do i need to allow in my rule? thank you.
  13. Just want to ask regarding with the license of kaspersky. If we have 100 licenses, we activated it for 100 computers with kaspersky and manageable from KSC. then a month after being activated, 1 computers go down hardware failure. Meaning we have 1 available license? Correct if i am wrong. If i am right how do i remove the license from ksc or it will be remove automatically? thank you
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