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  1. If I buy 1 lic for KAV2015, can my older KAV2013 be activated with that? I don't want to upgrade. Only found this site but no info about it. http://support.kaspersky.com/11182
  2. When I want to visit a site which detected eg. as false by anti-virus, program always shows this screen to continue. How can I switch this notification off forever, not for 30 mins? That's annoying and surplus.
  3. I want to register phone in anti-theft service via kaspersky internet security for android but application says "the web management is temporarily unavailable. please try again later" Why is it not workin?
  4. KAV 2014 is a very big disappointment compared to 2013. I will not use 2014 and I will consider my "buy the license plan" again. Continue to use KAV 2013 and wait for a better version in summer 2014.
  5. Now i see that av shows a popup but another window is covering that. 2 windows should merge to only one and no problem.
  6. When I tried to download a malware, cannot see the malware directly on the popup unlike previous versions which is unconfortable. And when I click to Allow, a fullscreen confirmation window is shown and click once more for surplus. How can I switch this off and see the malware name before block it first??
  7. I wondered when came into light that update rollback was removed from the fresh versions. I think it is very important. When a wrong update released and users could repair it by own. Why was removed and will it programmed into the next version?
  8. Anyway, will SSL be supported in the future? Almost everybody uses GMail nowadays.
  9. How come? Not possible to use one of the most favourited email provider? I think this solution should be extended. The problems are: I have no more email and gmail doesen't support traffic without encription.
  10. I have tried to set email notification in kav2013 but email didn't forwarded. Settings are correct so what's wrong? When I tried with previous versions, the result is same.
  11. Well, why can not be detected by a manual scan?
  12. Kaspersky Mobile Security (pro) should contains real time file scanner in order to detect threats in time and it should be more comfortable for users like in pc version.
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