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  1. Thanks, those FAQs are great! However, it needs a client machine to be running all the time. What I wanted is rather download the updates via wget from a cron-job. I could download the daily.zip but that'd mean the updates could be up to 23:59 hours too old, wouldn't it? Before the upgrade to v7, I've downloaded the updates from ftp://downloads1.kaspersky-labs.com/updates, but it seems with v7 there are a few more directories under /bases, correct me if I'm wrong. Do you think downloading /updates and /bases would be enough to update everything?
  2. KIS We are a small company and have a 5 pack of KIS licences. I want to download the updates on a central file server and set the clients so up that they download the files from our server. I've looked at ftp.kaspersky.com and seen a few directories. Which of those do I need to download to update all components of KIS, incl. antivirus, firewall, antispy, etc? TIA
  3. Hmm, actually we bought a 5-pack (small-company) licence, that's why I've posted it here, but you're right, KIS seems to be a home-user product. I'll do it.
  4. Hi Whizard, Errr... so? Done. It's still the same. Here's a fresh screenshot showing what I mean.
  5. KIS My most used utility programs are all under C:\Tool. Recently I've moved the files in a TrueCrypt container on a USB stick. I mount this container as N:\. In order not to change millions of settings in millions of scripts and programs, I've created an NTFS junction (with a Sysinternals tool) as C:\Tool\ -> N:\. It works perfectly except for a small detail. KIS Firewall recognizes the programs sometimes as C:\Tool\somedir\myprog.exe and sometimes as N:\somedir\myprog.exe. Since I'm running KIS firewall under "training mode", I get asked the very same questions again and again. For example, even though C:\Tool\4NT\4nt.exe has a matching rule and the program is started as C:\Tool\4NT\4nt.exe, KIS sees through the junction and recognizes it as N:\4NT\4nt.exe and asks me again. I couldn't find when this happens though, it's pretty undeterministic. Edit: I've attached a screenshot, showing Thunderbird rules. It's not a big problem for TB, since KIS has a template for mail-clients but not so for own programs which do NTP time-syncs, wake-on-lan, port monitoring, command line ssh tunneling, sftp copying, and so forth. Needless to say, I never, ever start the programs using the true (N:\) path. This is pretty annoying. Is there a workaround for this?
  6. Will do. We'll consider it. But until then, do you have solution to the original question?
  7. I'm using KAV and working under WinXP without admin rights. Whenever I scan a file, I see the following message: I've disabled the scanning of sectors in the default profile, however, this message still pops up. Even if I start the scanner with "/P=....\default.klr" it pops up again. Is there any undocumented switch or registry setting to avoid this? ps: Please don't tell me to upgrade.
  8. OK, I've solved the problem for one machine. I've rebooted the VMware with a rescue CD, replaced msvcrt.dll of KAV (version 6.0.8797.0), with the one delivered with XP SP1 (version 7.0.2600.1106). Then I could log on, but KAV wouldn't start, so I've moved the v6 dll into KAV folder and it uses the local one before the one in system32. That solves the problem for now. Now, I'm left with lots of questions: - Why on earth need KAV to copy an own version of an already existing DLL? - Why does KAV replace a newer DLL with an older without any question? - What the heck are those funny-named files, KAV4.5 were looking for? This is getting messier.
  9. I've just installed 5.0 over 4.5 under VMware, WinXP; 5.0 says it can uninstall 4.5 first, and did it, and on next reboot, I saw my headache for the next couple of hours (at least on the computer which I can't access remotely anymore): lsass.exe & services.exe have problems with msvcrt.dll :angry: :angry: I have downloaded this .exe: ftp://ftp.kaspersky.com/products/release/...wks_full_en.exe hoping that it would work for both 9x- & NT-based systems, even if wouldn't, IMO setup should warn about incompatibilities. And now the setup corrupted the dll. :angry: Now I know why I can't access the remote machine! The worse thing is, I can't log on even if I choose safe mode :angry: and we'd disabled WinXP's system restore points (though noone can blame us for this because KAV should not rely on WinXPs capabilities to clean its own dirt). :angry: Luckily I've tested it under VMware before I deployed it on other machines, but there's still the dead one :angry: Maybe I should call the hotline..
  10. Actually I've waited about 30 mins, and it's not Terminal Services which is not responding but SSH and some other remote services. Cool. In the meantime, I'm testing under VMware whether an upgrade from 4.5 to 5.0 is also problematic. Maybe I'd have to resort back to your proggie. Greets, Cüneyt
  11. Thanks for the quick response. I've actually found the problem with Regmon & the new version 5 saso suggested. It was a zombie in the uninstall list. AVP was uninstalled but had left its "uninstall string" in the registry behind and it was invisible in the "Add/remove programs" list. I've deleted it manually and KAV went on happily. Moral: "Clean/complete uninstallation under Windows" is an oxymoron The problem is, I've done it on a remote machine (via Remote Desktop) and I've rebooted the machine. Now I can't access the machine at all So I have to wait until evening till I get there & see what the problem is now. What does this program do btw?
  12. When I try to install KAV 4.50.94 Wks (registered), setup says AVP (it was 3.0.something, trial) has been detected and whether it should be deinstalled. However, I had uninstalled AVP long ago, and thus setup (naturally) can't start the uninstall program! If I ignore the message and install KAV, some options become strangely disabled or even completely hidden, such as "changing update url" in avpupd.exe or no pop up "disinfect?" dialog in scanner, if a virus is found; moreover scanner doesn't even let that "pig squeak" and simply goes on even if there are infected files, which makes on-demand scans pretty useless. This is unacceptable :angry: As I was hunting down the cause with FileMonitor/RegMonitor from Sysinternals I've seen that the Setup.exe searches for some weird files in the folder from which the setup has been started, such as "...\sounds\Baby sleeps softly.mid", "...\lego.ico", "...\nancy.cid", "...\pac-man.ico", etc.? What on earth are these? What shall I do? TIA, Cüneyt FYI: On a "clean" machine, where no previous AVP has been installed, this behaviour doesn't occur. And under VMware I can duplicate this behaviour. Before you ask let me answer, no, there are no malware or suspicious programs running in the background, and a new windows-installation is out of the question.
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