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  1. Humm.... posted to soon. For some reason, Winzip is now showing in my Application Control list and I'm able to modify it. Whew!
  2. I could see that Application Control has some loose ends ! I set WinZip to 'Block Startup' and then tried to start it. Sure enough Winzip wasn't allowed to start. I then deleted the entry from the Application Control list (with it still set to 'Block Startup'). I tried restarting Winzip and it wouldn't start !! . There is no entry in the Application Control list that I could modify that will allow it to startup again ! This seems to be a major oversight on Kaspersky's part ! . I tried restarting the computer but still the same results.
  3. Could I 'Remove from the list' everything and have Kaspersky reevaluate all processes on the computer similar to when an initial install of Kaspersky takes place ?
  4. Any other ones that anyone can name in KTS ?
  5. I was looking for something along the lines of -AEP -Fileless threat protection -Ransonware protection -Machine learning - etc
  6. What technologies are included in KTS 2019 ? and what new technologies, if anyone has a clue, will be included in the next release of KTS ?
  7. There is no mention of removing or installing 'on top of'' KTS 18. No mention of uninstalling old version either unless I missed something. Could we get some clarification ? Remove old version ? or install on top of.
  8. There is usually notes on install accompanied with new releases but I don't see any notes for this new release. Currently have KTS 18 ver and looking to install KTS 19. Please provide notes as I do not want to lose encrypted containers and passwords.
  9. I don't know about you guys, but this new GUI is terrible IMHO. When it comes to Kaspersky GUI's in general, I think Kaspersky has been going in the wrong direction on their product over the years. Their earlier GUI's (when TOTAL was still called PURE) were much more appealing to the eye and easily understandable imho.
  10. What if you get a red checkmark now ? Will it show or will your Ad Block plus custom blocking block that as well ?
  11. Clicking 'Details' on the message when it pops up results in no details being provided. It just goes to a general kaspersky page.
  12. This is happening when I use Chrome. I have the latest version of Firefox installed on the computer but I rarely use it and have never had it open when I get these messages.
  13. What I'm trying to figure out is why should I exclude it from being scanned ? Its always the same webaddress that displays with this error message ... ipmcloud.kaspersky.com I don't understand what is taking place when this occurs.
  14. I'm getting the above warning message when surfing with Chrome. I'm using the browser is Safe Money mode. The address is ipmcloud.kaspersky.com. See attached. Why is this occurring ?
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