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  1. I found that if that wasn't checked I would get the prompts, but haven't since checking.
  2. Have you checked the box on the install package, "Do not protect the installation"?
  3. Please let us know if you hear anything! Thanks!!
  4. And the reason why I have been moving from 8, is the fact that some of the machines have been having even more trouble with that version since a patch. Would either not shut down, or take 10-30 minutes, not allowing programs opening, or internet connection.
  5. After updating a few machines from KES 8 to KES 10, noticed that the computer seems slow, sometimes going as far as causing Firefox to stop responding. Programs taking a very long time to load, or in some cases not loading at all. Is there a way to change something to help with this?
  6. I have this similar issue, unfortunately I do not have a solution. Would also appreciate any assistance someone could offer.
  7. I would love to see this solved also, rebooting machines seem to clear it up, but it reappears on other machines, or a few days later on the same machine.
  8. I have been getting these errors when workstations are trying to do an update. Doesn't happen in any pattern, and a restart of the machine cleans it up, and the update works fine after. Any ideas on what could be the cause? I am running Admin Kit 8.0.2048 and Workstations 6.0 MP4. Thanks
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