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  1. So We were using KAV anti-virus for workstation 6.0 and then saw that now the new version is called Endpoint security 8. So I downloaded that and installed it since our license is good for either KAV 6 or Endpoint Security. Now I see that there is no longer an anti-spam option in ES8. Why is that ? Why would you remove such a critical part, specially in a business environment where you receive tons of spam. This makes no sense to me ???? Christian Francoeur Network Admin Doubletex.
  2. Yes you are correct, I am using the Admin kit. And in the History is exactly what I have written before as the error, in fact I took it from there It says : "Cannot start the task because other installations are still running there." As of the Ports well those are windows 2000 workstations with no firewalls on em.
  3. The strange thing is that I can install the agent or Kaspersky Workstation on the machine using the remote share of my Kaspersky server. But if I do that, the Kaspersky Server can not control this installation and it tells me that it's out of control and I need to control all my stations from my Server.
  4. Hi, I'm using the Kaspersky SMB suite and on some workstations when I try to install the Kaspersky Network Agent from the Server it gives me this error : Cannot start the task because other installations are still running there. I tried rebooting the workstations and it still says the same thing. What is wrong ?
  5. Hey Thanks, that helped a lot...i'm stating to get a hold of this console thing... Chris.
  6. Hi there. I have recently bought KAV BO version. I have a dedicated server just for the Adminkit and it is installed. I can push the Agent to all my clients no problem. Now my question is this one, How can I push the KAV Workstation and KEY to my pc's running the agent ? Do I need to download something first or is it already included on my AdminKit. I would really hate to have to go to every pc and install the KAV Workstation manually...I have about 100 workstations. Ps I did not receive a cd, I went and downloaded the Adminkit and Workstation KAV on the Kaspersky Website through their link they sent me via e-mail Thanks ! Chris. Doubletex.
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