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  1. I almost had the same problem. All my 60 clients needed to connect to my new server. Here we use a Novell server, so i used Zenworks to push the klmover to all workstations and force run them. I dont know what server you run, but maybe you have some program that does the same thing as zenworks?
  2. You can use klmover utility from http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...4041entry4041
  3. Its working very well on the entire network, all pc's slowly comes availeble. Tnx to all people that helped me. Lets hope I dont encounter more problems
  4. tnx it worked fine on my local machine im going to test it on the network now.
  5. on all workstations there is already a network agent, only they are connecting to the wrong server. I know in the installation you can enter the server name. Is there a way to edit all network agents so they connect to the new server. A reg key or something? or a file that I can edit? this way I can run it on all workstations at the same time, by running a bat file or something.
  6. yeah becouse its my local machine i think. I cant connect to other pc's \C$
  7. sorry my mistake i did \\PC-160\C$ My local machine im working on now is PC-160, i use admin-kit to connect to the terminsal server (TS1), were the kaspersky server is on. PC-161 is next to me. Ping result
  8. When I connect to PC-161 with \\PC-161\C$ i get an error that it cant find this pc or folder. When I connect to my local machine with \\PC160\C$ he opens my C drive. I created a new administrator account, kaspersky with password kaspersky and he comes with the same error again : Remote installation failed on the host: Shared folder "\\PC-160\admin$" is unavailable for the specified account(s): kaspersky (A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated. ) PC-160\kaspersky (Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. )
  9. Ok my local admin account is XPinstall with a password I know. I tryed it but still the same error. I reinstalled the server on my old xp machine were i tested on before. But it gives the same error. The origional server is running on a Windows 2003 terminal server. Im getting really desperate now, becouse 60 wks are without proper protection now It keeps comming with this /PC-"nr"/admin$ were does this admin comes from?
  10. All computers are in a workgroup named OUDEWATER. I can login with a admin account named admin. So do I need a local computer admin account or my admin account that I use for loggin on to the network? But were can I enter accounts in the admin-kit? I think they bought it in Holland.
  11. Why are the Kaspersky people not helping me? I cant use there software right now so I like to be helped. I need to install the Network agent remote to about 60 workstations. But when I start the task it failes and gives this error: Remote installation failed on the host: Shared folder "\\PC-144\admin$" is unavailable: (Access is denied. ) Cannot download the package using network agent because it is not installed on the target host yet.
  12. I found the exact error in the history option: Kaspersky Network Agent (5.0.0409): Remote installation failed on the host: Shared folder "\\PC-961\admin$" is unavailable: (Access is denied. ) Cannot download the package using network agent because it is not installed on the target host yet. Please help me!!
  13. ok tnx, but what about the remote install of the network agent? clients without it cant connect to the server, and at this moment none of the 60 workstations are responding on my remote installtion requests. they all fail.
  14. We have novell 6.5 here, but im running the kaspersky server on a win2003 terminal server. And we use another type of kav. So I really have no idea what to do with your problem.
  15. Hi I got another problem. I installed the server on the real machine. So it have to be up soon. But when I add workstations none of them are availeble. I used the right installation file, so not the msi as I did before: When I manually install the Netword agent again, then it comes availeble. But I cant seem to install the Network agent remote.
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