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  1. I read through and I understand what your talking about now. I went ahead and did it and this pushed the installation through for at the network agent. It's weird I found the computer through the task installation but it couldn't be seen in the network domain area, not even with a manual find. Once the installation of the network agent went in it did finally pop up in the network domain area. Thanks a lot for your help guys. Great stuff.
  2. The thing is I currently don't have physical access to the computer it is at a different site then the one in which I work in, I ran out of time and had to leave for the day, I'm trying to do this so that I don't have to much a trip out to where the computer physically is. We usually just use the remote installation of both the network agent and the anti-virus, which is why I need it to pop up, but even though it is in active directory it still isn't seen in the Administration Kit. What I usually do is this -Add new computer to domain -Administration Kit picks it up in the network domain area -It is moved from that area to the proper group I have created for it -Then from there I do a remote installation of both the network agent and the anti-virus
  3. As the description says I recently joined a new computer to our domain and when I checked Kaspersky Administration Kit to move it to the proper group and do a remote install I could not find it. I actually had this problem 2 days ago but I fixed it when I restarted the Kaspersky services. The services restart did not work this time. I even tried to find by computer name and IP and still cannot find it. The computer is working fine on the network. It has access to everything it needs to and can ping the server with Administration Kit. The server can also ping the computer. There is no firewall on the computer turned on. This is the first time this happens to where I couldn't resolve it. Did a search in the Kaspersky database and couldn't find anything. Anybody have suggestions on how to resolve this?
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