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  1. scan task shut down the systems after complete. but it's schedule is to run manually. i don't think that is the reason.
  2. hi all; there's a problem with some computers in the network that is the systems log off automatically. anti virus version and KES with the latest update is installed in the systems. have you ever seen this problem? what is the solution for that? would you plz help me?
  3. you know when i install the package remotely it does not work (out of control on the console). but when i install it manually it works alright. so it shows that the settings are correct.
  4. what settings? windows firewall is off on the client side.
  5. i'm sure it is correct, i checked the server address in the package it self, it is ok.
  6. hi; the problem is that all computers are out of control after console upgrade to Kaspersky security center. kaspersky logs in event viewer shows that port 15000 is closed on the clients. and when i install the network agent Version 2825 remotely on the client, it installs but again "out of control. but when i install the network agent package manually on the client, it is ok and shows the real-time status of the client. there is no firewall n the LAN, windows firewalls are off, just kaspersky anti virus is installed. please help me solve the problem.
  7. hi; there's a problem with this trojan "Trojan.Win32.Genome.vpgo" that is, when kaspersky detects this trojan it has ok or skip bottom in disinfection process. when user click ok, it restarts the computer and when scan again it exists again. plz help me, cause this trojan is spreading over the network and makes some problems. thank you in advance.
  8. i've read the minimum requirements, but i need to know the optimum requirements for that, it is clear that with minimum requirements the server is very slow!! anyway thanks for your reply;
  9. hi; what is suitable hardware requirements for a kaspersky Securty Center server with 1400 client?? thanks alot;
  10. hi; i used the useful option which was added to kaspersky KES 8, i mean "auto scan of removable drives". it works great but the problem is that users can stop the auto scan task. how can i configure this, not to have stop bottom. it would be nice of you to help me as soon as possible.
  11. i tried rollback update, and updating the admin server itself, but they didn't help.
  12. hi, one of client ( has a problem while updating. it returns the "update :4294967295" and the task stops. all modules are running. picture is attached. plz help me figure out the problem. tnx
  13. what about the next version, i mean kaspersky end point security 8 which is in beta testing now?
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