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  1. You're not the only one! http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=2117991 Let's hope they'll figure out what went wrong ... it started today, right? Also, can you check if your HDD activity is way too high, at least done by KIS, constantly?
  2. I think that I have the same problem with version 2014 B. It's manifesting on my laptop (Win 8.1) and desktop (Win 8), x64 and with the latest updates from Microsoft and Kaspersky. This is so not happening ... http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...33e7dfce51268a9
  3. Hi! I've checked this multiple times ... I've also manually deleted all the certificates from KIS, from all web-browsers, and reinstalled it => no changes in Opera and Chrome either. I'm saved by IE9 ... Check the captures!
  4. Now it doesn't work in OPERA either ... can anyone else confirm this? ... Opera remained at 11.51 ... so no updates or settings changed there. This is not cool at all ... I've been using secured connections scanned by KIS since 2009, I think ... The only one who survived this ... bug? ... it's IE9 ... and I'm using it only because I'm forced to. Should I expect this to get fixed in the next build of KIS? Thanks!
  5. Hi! This is the error reported by Chrome: "Error 143 (net::ERR_KASPERSKY_ANTI_VIRUS_SSL_INTERCEPTION): SSL protocol error." - might be slightly different from the original English form, since I've translated it from Romanian. It's possible, who know, but it should had been global ... not for some PCs only. Anyway ... back to IE for e-mails :aa: , since freaking yahoo doesn't support Opera ... unless I do a little trick ... !
  6. Hi! Tried that thing with the TLS 1.0 => did not work. I've even deleted the certificate and reinstalled. I now have build 186, and it's not working. Freaking Chrome ... I'll ditch it! I'll keep using it for non secured connections ... :angry: Good thing that Opera and IE are still working fine!
  7. Hi! No chance to navigate under ssl with Chrome 14.0.835.163 either! I've tried reinstalling the ssl certificate, but it doesn't work. I'm getting error 143 (net::ERR_KASPERSKY_ANTI_VIRUS_SSL_INTERCEPTION): SSL protocol error.). Can we fix this somehow? ... Thanks! P.S. KIS E and Windows 7 x64
  8. Hi! Right click on the icon (from the notification area/icons near the clock in Windows 7), chose: Settings. Under: Protection Center tab, you'll find: Firewall. Click on it, and then chose: Settings. A new window will appear. Search for what you need, then click on those coloured sing (check mark, deny or ?). Take care!
  9. Hi! The Virtual Keyboard does not work anymore in Chrome 13 (13.0.782.107 m). It worked fine in Chrome 12. KIS version is (a.b.c). OS: Windows 7 X64 SP1 (with latest updates) + hardware drivers too. Tested on both my Desktop and Laptop. It works fine in IE 9 (x86 and x64). Can't test it in Opera 11.50 ... since KIS doesn't have an extension for that browser (but it works fine if manually requested ... although this sucks since it doesn't stay on top of other applications). Update: Clarification -> it doesn't work under Safe Run mode ... for websites
  10. Hi! I've change the networking settings from the VM and set it to: Wireless Card (dedicated connection) and then I've reconfigured the router to let the the card with that MAC to access the INTERNET. Now, the problem is fixed. I would had preferred that the VM would use the Shared Networking (NAT), but we can't have them all! Unless someone shares how to do it from NAT, this topic should be regarded as CLOSED! Thanks!
  11. Hi! I have installed Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 and I wanted to run the Windows Update from the virtual machine (VM) and I've discovered that while KIS protection is activated in Windows 7, Windows Update from the VM is blocked. If I am temporarily disabling KIS just to load the WU page and to click on one of those 2 options on the page, and then I'm activating KIS back, then WU works and KIS is protecting my PC too. The VM network is set to: Shared Networking (NAT). I'm using a router and the PC is connected to it via 802.11n. I've tried to update the OS of the VM while KIS was disabled and it worked. I've been looking into the firewall setting but the Virtual PC is granted access to the INTERNET. I have Windows Firewall activated and I've granted access to WU to the my INTERNET connection. What should I do? Am I the only one using XP Mode and has this problem? Should I make a dedicated connection on the VM? Thanks for the intel! Take care!
  12. I did a complete removal and a new installation. It now works perfectly! I had also sudden periodically CPU spikes ... not anymore :X I will do a Full System Scan ... it might be in 2 steps ... but I will do it.
  13. Thanks! I'll do the same. I hope it will fix those problems. Q: How do I make kis remember that it scanned my hole computer ... I don't want to start over again ... I use all scanning settings to maximum when scanning my hole PC. Thanks!
  14. Hi! I've noticed that the Anti-Banner doesn't work after updating to version (a.b ). It's activated, but does not block a single thing. Also, The Online Banking control is activated, but KIS does not display that dialog to change to Safe Run for Websites. This also applies to manually added banking websites. I did activate: Scan Encrypted Connections. That was before updating to patch b. Everything worked as configured yesterday. Now, with patch b ... this strange things happen. It's this some issue of patch b? It's anyone else experiencing this or should I do a total remove and clean install? Thanks!
  15. HI! I have the same problem too. I think it started the previous week. When my C2Q CPU hits 100% .... I have to start :pray: until avp.exe doesn't chokes it anymore. This is annoying during gaming :dash1: ... the games consume a lot, but i don't have any problems during the gameplay if avp.exe works properly. Here is the GSI link: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...75099ed4f3b5fc5 :aa: I usually have the latest WHQL drivers for everything ... and all Microsoft updates too. Thanks!
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