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  1. Yeehaa! Rescue CD got rid of the TDSS infection!!! :bravo: Thanx Dzaster, you guys rock! :cb_punk:
  2. Thanks for your reply... I'll bear with you Hope you find the cure soon!
  3. I have deleted the entries in the hosts file... Thanx for your help! The message of infection of my Sytem Memory is still popping up when I perform a full scan or quick scan that includes the System Memory... I have attached the latest log. KAVlog.txt
  4. I ran the GMER utility. The log of the startup scan is attached, but after pressing the scan button the utility keeps freezing (it starts of well, but after a minute or so my computer becomes unresponsive)... startup_log.log
  5. Well, I just ran the TDSSKiller again and it still shows atapi.sys having an infection... So I tried the TDSSKiller on the machine I got the atapi.sys from: everything ok. No infection found...
  6. Here are the AVZ logs (without the database updates). 1 from running without the script, and 1 from running with the script I have also included the TDSSKiller log and dump that was created yesterday... avz_log_no_script.txt lk_syscure.zip TDSSKiller_log.zip
  7. I cannot update the databases of AVZ... This option is greyed out in the File menu.
  8. Yep, still showing the message... Tried it several times. When you click ok the next message is that the virus can't be disinfected and it only shows the 'Skip' option. It completes the memory scan and reboots the computer. Will a full re-install of my computer solve the problem, you think? Maybe that's the best option then...
  9. Unfortunately no succes... The Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware log is attached. I uninstalled KAV and re-installed the lastest version, but I still get the same warning when performing a full scan (see attached jpeg). Any suggestions? mbam_log_2010_04_07__11_29_28_.txt
  10. I have uninstalled Super AntiSpyware and created a new GetSystemInfo Log: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...08d84cdd55c0a14 The ComboFix log file is attached... Thanx for your help Caos! ComboFix_log.txt
  11. The GetSystemInfo log: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...3510ae29b036dd2 ComboFix file is following...
  12. Hello, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Workstations is showing an infection of my System Memory by the Toolkit.Win32.TDSS.d Virus. And I can't get rid of it. Could someone show me how to resolve this problem? I have attached the virusinfo_syscure.zip file which I got from AVZ.exe Thanks in advance! virusinfo_syscure.zip
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