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  1. dump file is created at the moment you dump the memory, so i would guess you should do it at the moment you start to experience the problem...
  2. Not just that it runs well on 64bit, all of the core stuff is actually already native 64bit (the setup file includes both 32 and 64bit versions)... So your question should be when will it be 100% native 64bit (because some parts like the gui are not)... Then please answer this question first: What for? What would it change, what would it make better? It would probably make absolutely no difference except make the setup file still a bit bigger (no need to argue that the setup file could be split for 32 and 64bit versions, since I understand this, but don't see it as really relevant in this topic...).
  3. a smaller number of higher quality signatures (generic, heuristics,...) can be exchanged for a lot of simple "dumb" signatures.
  4. i believe there should be some info about all K icons in the help... the orange thing means that it is scanning scripts (so mostly you see it while on internet).
  5. i am not really sure if i understand why this is such a big problem for you since it is only temporary, but i would suggest you to take a look at the "web av" settings not "file av"
  6. you could also try to open the version 7 installer/setup file with 7-zip (or something similar) and see if you are able to find the key/licence file...
  7. exactly, because netbooks (ultra portables) normally don't have an cd drive (actually nice move from kaspersky)... however, personally i don't really like or support this idea of a special product just for netbooks.
  8. and that is a good decision... however, since we actually never had the notification really used it seems to sort of tell us that they (KL) are not very convinced/satisfied with the quality of their code (yes i am a bit pointing with the finger here because of some bugs that are still around).
  9. this is just absurd, this problems was already successfully fixed in (i think) patch C for the first version ( i really cannot understand why this bug is now back and why is it not fixed since it was reported time and time again (same thing with the false vulnerability detection on some applications like openoffice,...). not good at all... why we don't have an bug tracking system (also suggested several times). :angry:
  10. i do have the suspicion this is an false report from KL http://www.heise-online.co.uk/security/Ope...s--/news/111821 http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=2085 http://secunia.com/advisories/product/20130/
  11. http://www.heise-online.co.uk/security/Ope...s--/news/111821 http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=2085 http://secunia.com/advisories/product/20130/
  12. parental control has an huge database of sites that is automatically updated just like the anti-virus signature database. all the sites in that database are classified in to different categories (porn, drugs,...) and you are able to chose what of this you would like to block and what not. additionally to this huge list of blocked sites that are in the database you are also able to add your own in the blacklist. the whitelist is there in case there are some sites blocked by mistake or you simple prefer to be able to access them. i am sorry if this will sound a bit to direct but instead of all this questions, why don't you just try and see how it works? your question simple seems a bit strange and unneeded to me...
  13. don't worry, just go slowly with it. one application at a time, even if you go one per day is ok and in the end you will have a much safer system. i hope you do realize by now that what you have to do is simple install (upgrade) the latests versions of your applications (quicktime, realplayer, java, office,...). i would start with quicktime, just open quicktime and run the update from its help menu, after that your problem will quickly look much smaller
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