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  1. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...610bbc76680a35a
  2. I am using 8.1 windows with Pure 3.0 I cannot get into my passwords. I attached a photo of the error I am getting, how can I get to my passwords. when I click the web for the passwords. I receive the error! Sync passwords does not work I have it disabled. It will just set there and spin never sync Thanks for any help
  3. I am using Pure 3 and the newest version. Pure 3.0 If I click on password and data than web to access my passwords the program locks up and I have to restart. Unless there is another way to get to edit my saved passwords as it does the same thing in the browsers I uploaded a pic
  4. I have windows 8.1. I cannot get to my passwords to edit them. When I click password and data then web password manager just locks up and exits with error to send box pops up . How can I get to my passwords to edit them?
  5. How can I install on my D drive instead of my ssd drive When I click install on Pure 3.0 it just starts installing on c drive
  6. Yes I am, it locks up when I try to log in
  7. I am getting this error when I click to exit Pure 3 I attached a photo of the error.
  8. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...8474e4&ms=0
  9. duplicate post sorry KAV_Pure_3_update_center.txt
  10. I tried the steps your recommended with no results. Still same problem. I have attached the update center report for your review.
  11. I have been running Pure 3 update is not working. Password manager just locks up when I try to log in. I am running win 7 64. I have attached link to report for your review. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...3ed197c6f262c90
  12. Looking forward to this update as it is a pain typing in all my passwords. Regards!
  13. Guess Chrome came out with a new version. Now my Password manager is not populating the password to login. is any one else having this problem or is just on my end Thanks :dash1:
  14. Oops, Sorry it is KIS 2021 I think I figured it out I have attached a pic of the change I made under firewall on my router to from Public Network to local Is this correct? Thanks,
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